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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Will Form 5495 Withholding

Instructions and Help about Will Form 5495 Withholding

Okay the purpose of this video is the five thing that will stop withholding Auto withholding on your paycheck you know locked in letter shit that's way higher than you can take two allowances I think up to two you can request up to two but then that would mean they are filing your taxes like a government employee so basically you got it to take the hit at nineteen percent plus to 6 percent 7 percent right around there of locked in I mean 7 percent is the freaking spike oh shit you're I get equals Social Security tax plus fucking Medicare anyways here's your five things that get you out of the locked in letter automate automate ik withholding really done through your employer not even through the IRS they always sneak around like that make your employer do it under penalty combat zone government shit killed in action Oh killed in terrorist action ki ta government shit offer and compromise any paid tax maybe get a lower tax on what you owe good idea to an offer and compromise figure out how to do it through an accountant because you probably won't be able to do it yourself maybe you know the paperwork on that bankruptcy there's another hard one that you got across all the dot all the t's crush all the guys you know them thin probably need an attorney for that maybe there's court action involved I don't know with different chapters date of death the OD is less than 24 months whatever that means I guess the day died it's less than two years whatever well anyways I hope you understand that I'm doing bankruptcy that apparently the chapter 7 chapter 13 will wipe out unsecured debt credit cards chapter 13 might be some kind of organization where dead people you owe money to may be able to get your assets like a car even your house but I don't know you just got to read all the bankruptcy rules I know chapter 7 sounds like it's for me but I'm not sure chapter 11 maybe that anyways good do research on it I'm still researching I just know that's my solution I'm probably just gonna go see an attorney and write up the paperwork a prize to be done through your state and then some federal shit probably has to be filled out too and I want it done right on the one how to notify the IRS of mine my what status change okay and yeah I'm not a tax payer I know but hey I'm a de facto tax payer so I'm gonna do the de facto remedy which is five one of these five I don't think I'm gonna be in a combat zone anytime soon killed in a terrorist action SpecOps offering compromise pay a half the tax or whatever and but you're gonna pay a tax you're offering and you're compromising bankruptcy I like it wipe out all the credit card debt and they can stop calling me probably never get a credit card again it's nice to have a credit card when you're stuck in his stamboli airport yeah real lucky there miss your flight and you got a cop up some cash wait till payday stick around two weeks in the airport I don't know how they do that caught there the Istanbul they always make you late - Oh some birds on the air on the line the airport flight line no birds I gotta wait a half an hour in the air until we can land so we're running through the airport late miss your flight like that one NPR reporter I think she was killed but she apparently hung herself there's killed in the stall and the girls bathroom there all kinds of weird shit going on there that's like spice central hub for you know the Middle East Hannibal Airport anyways take care and it's Internal Revenue manual 5.1 9.11 withholding compliance program that's the method of procedures they use got it so that's what we're gonna use because anyway it's just dark can't see probably anyways take care okay fine.

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