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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Will Form 5495 Website

Instructions and Help about Will Form 5495 Website

Music Music first we'll lay out all of the HTML and then the CSS adding our media queries last to give the website its responsiveness and mobile width so let's take a look at it here at the full-width and I'll just take a moment to run through the website with you to show all that's included so we're just going to be making the front page today but I created an entire website template so I'll show you all of the pages here that I created so we'll have the navigation image slider the eye icon area there this two column section and then the three column sections down here including the footer and the page call-out with a button that will bring us to the classes page here that has the drop-down menu so I'm going to run through the pages real quick to show you what I created here is the about Us page so I decided to base this website on a fictitious yoga company called Dharma yoga and then here's the classes page so one thing that I forgot to show you on the front page is the Google map so this is a live Google map that we're at we're going to add and then the social icons below that will change to the turquoise color when we hover over them so here's the testimonials page that has some reviews and then I'll show you the contact page last so here's the contact page with a working contact form that I created here so if I just enter my name and then I'll show you that this email form works so right now I have this to set up to go to my gmail so if I put my website email I'll submit it and then I'll have an email in my gmail account just as a customer would have emailed a company if they were visiting the web site so now let's take a look at the mobile version of the website so let me just pull up how it will appear on the iPhone 6 as an example so here's the front page that we'll be creating on the iPhone 6 ok and then if we scroll down you'll see that all of the images take up 100% of the screen and then the icons and text and most everything that's on the full width version of the website has been resized to fit down to the phones ok so the one thing that you'll need to create this website is a simple text editor I'm going to be using sublime text so just go to sublime text com it's totally free you don't need to buy anything and this text editor works for Mac Windows and Linux so this is a cross-platform free text editor the last thing that you'll need to do is just get the starter files so you want to download that download the starter files on the link that I'll have in the description of the video so this contains a few files that are totally necessary for us to get started so just go and download the starter files and once you've done so I'll show you exactly what you need to open ok so just pull the starter files from your download section of your computer and then we'll want to just open up the index.html and style dot CSS documents to get started so here are all of the starter files that we'll need to get started just open up index.html and style.css in your text editor and as I said I'll be using sublime text sublime text - really so that concludes this introduction video just make sure that you have your index.html file and style dot CSS open in your text editor and I will see you in the next video where I'll explain everything that's in the starter files to get us started and writing our HTML see you there Music you.

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