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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Will Form 5495 Testimonials

Instructions and Help about Will Form 5495 Testimonials

I just want to show you all the wrinkles are going away I said push shot look at that I have no more droopy eye oh oh and it put skin up my all that feels amazing I don't want to do though I don't want to do this side of my face so you can see the difference but look at that oh I'm pushing the skin up you know I'm folding the skin there's another spot or another is a pinched nerve it popped this morning look at that look at that I mean I was like choking I was like being strangled and as I push the skin out staff comes out Brown stuff comes out of my cheek look at that there's no blood by the way like this on my finger this is all staff look that's not blood that's all brown staff I mean look at my face look at these eyes look at the bags here don't look at the look at the side of the face look at that you can see right here that's a nerve look at that nerve I mean look at that and then look at this this side of my face I look so rested and fresh I have like no linkle's eight wrinkles before on this side and droopy eyes and now look at that look like I had a facelift stretching the skin back out I look like a different person Wow I can see better oh man it feels amazing look at that look it just goes away oh my god I'm gonna go out and celebrate I'm out of work and I couldn't be happier because I'm no longer in pain shit see my lip left oh my God look at this wrinkle go away this wrinkle right here watch her go away oh look I look 10 years younger so now I'm in the LAUSD County Hospital I have to wait an hour you can see it broke through my chest whatever it is I think I have staff all over my body oh my phone is about to go dead but I'm in the right place now I'm in the hospital so we'll see what happens look at my chest I have like goosebumps I can't believe he had goose bumps all things considered I just woke up out of a sleep and whatever was in my chest I'm burping Melda through the skin it starts to lean around I think I have staff all over my body look at that oh my god okay just wanted to let my mom know you know Texas to her call you tomorrow you.

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