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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Will Form 5495 Statutes

Instructions and Help about Will Form 5495 Statutes

I just wanted to make this video in the hope of helping other people who are being pursued by companies such as lowers debt collection they companies at Lowe's they appear to buy up lots of old debt which original companies couldn't claim or couldn't couldn't get the money they buy these debts on and then they think they'll have a go and what they do they they use associated companies to offer you lots of discounts first of all because I think well we're going to find it's very hard to enforce let's see if we we offer them the discount this will be something so I've had letters saying that this 600 odd pounds debt I can pay a lot less if I'm willing to settle right now and they sent me pumped in letters offering me all kinds of discounts and which I've just basically been because I know that this is a long old debt statute barred it's more than six years since any contact in writing with the company and more than six years from any payment to the account so I know absolutely this amount of money is completely unenforceable so but I'm quite happy to let these people keep sending me lots of letters and going to court and do all these other things because it costs them money every single time and I'm as far as I'm concerned that's a result so they said they're going to contact their company BW legal and their litigation partner who magically send me a letter on the very same day saying now my debt is estimated to be nine hundred and sixty five pounds forty one because they're adding on interest in court fees and solicitors costs well again I know this is a statute bar deck they cannot enforce it by law so I think well let's play them at their silly game so I then get another letter with more scares and threats that I might have an attachment of all earnings or charging order against a property or attending court all these kind of things again unenforceable debt the balance Chu is now eight hundred and twenty seven seventy six of them and how they you know have they make these numbers up they seem to just change day by day they pluck a a number out of the air I think so I thought well let's have my bank all so they sent me some court papers from Northampton County Court business center and I immediately responded online didn't have to send any anything through the post but I sent a template letter which was similar to this one here just saying that the dec a statute barred and I've explained to the court that this claim is invalid so that's all I need to do because if I've made that quote it fell in b/w legals caught the ball and they now have to prove otherwise it's not for me to have to prove anything so I email VW Eagle and say I've responded to the call papers and I've defended it on the basis that the debt is statute barred so I receive a letter shortly afterwards saying that they are now looking for the documentation and as soon as they have the documentation they will be in touch now I receive a letter from the court to tell me that they now have received my defense this is a defended claim and the ball is now again in their Court BW legal now have to prove that this is not statute bars which I know they can't because it is statute barred so I await Lowell's or BW legals response and a few weeks later I receive a letter as I expected from Lowell's saying the account is closed they've reviewed the account and decided without any admission of liability to close it see the balance is now zero now I knew this was going to be the outcome they must have known this was a statute or depth yet they knew that if I hadn't defended this in court if I hadn't responded they would have simply won by default now that's the thing to remember by not defending yourself they just win they win by default so for everybody who defends themselves and wins that's good for the likes of us but for everyone who doesn't bother defending the court papers that come to them you automatically lose you automatically lose you have to defend yourself against these parasitic companies you must respond to any court papers and defend yourself many of these debts are unenforceable many of them there's no hope of them collecting that's why they offer you these big discounts at the beginning so they tried it on lols and BW legal lust.

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