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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Will Form 5495 Representative

Instructions and Help about Will Form 5495 Representative

I think I know a little bit about discrimination I face it every single day I carry multiple identities that are constantly constantly being discriminated against I thank the author for thinking about this particular bill but I am saddened by the particular purpose I believe this bill serves some of the members in this room have spoken to and would like to believe that this is a particularly Jewish community some would even think that this is a great bill because we are a body that is fighting against discrimination if those two things were true there would have been a great support for representative Hornstein amendment I believe that this is the kind of thing we bring forth so that we create more decision we further a narrative that says particular people's concerns the questions that they may feel the ways that they might see they might want to use their freedoms in order to oppose a government that they might feel is oppressing it's not okay and they don't have a right to do so as many of you know I come from Africa and I wasn't old enough to know all that was happening in South Africa when the apartheid was privileged there when South Africa was apartheid state but I remember my grandfather talking to me about the stories of apartheid South Africa and telling me how that conversation shifted because so many people of conscience so many people who understand that who understood that it was obviously immoral for countries to continue to support South Africa have decided that they were going to engage in boycotts of that government so that that system would go down and so what we might see today and what we might not agree with because it is not a popular discourse might actually be a reality that some people might be living in and we here in Minnesota certainly in this body who are not educated enough to understand the nuances of the people who are living in Israel and Palestine are going through should not be having these conversations about what is appropriate and what it isn't I certainly never advocate for any kind of discrimination I never will but what I do advocate for is for all of us to work towards furthering peace in the world and I do believe that you never get to having peace without justice that is a fundamental that first must happen before we further please we know and I'm certainly saddened by the rise of anti-semitism and I have been part of a community that has been raising funds to support the Jewish community in this time of need because as my community is struggling with the particular band that our president wants to put on us the Jewish community has been side by side fighting with us making sure that we have the resources that we need because I think there is a particular connection and Brotherhood and sisterhood that Muslims and Jews have one that is fundamentally paste in our shared space in history our shared land and one that we will never forget but what governments do and what is based in systems are very different they truly are and so I oppose this bill I would love to have voted for a bill that would have expanded our ideals of fighting against discrimination in being a body that actually stood up against all discrimination I don't want to be part of a vote that limits the ability for people to fight towards that justice and peace thank you.

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