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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Will Form 5495 Opinions

Instructions and Help about Will Form 5495 Opinions

What's up everybody welcome back to my channel hi how are ya in today's video we're going to dive in just something that is going by roll all over the Internet girl if I get one more tweet about the Crayola Beauty collection I'm gonna come out this damn camera and bite you the day we are gonna be testing out this collection we have it all here now if you haven't heard of this you may be busy taking care of your kids or blowing your husband but I will tell you this this shit has never been tweeted as much as like oh girl don't drop it this has been sent to me all week I have this overnighted and then you know what happened the other day you guys when I got here the jet lag hit me you know I was in Europe last week I am still 10 hours ahead mentally so girl I'm finally able to sit down get some energy besides this review I have been working hard of course on as so many brand new collections first of all the thirsty collection launches June 16 where she had girl BAM of course this in my entire summer collection launches on June 16th at 10 a.m. Pacific Standard Time alright shameless plug over but also the jeffree star cosmetics concealer it's coming this year so saddle up alright you guys so let's dive into this review I have no idea what to expect but if you want to see this debauchery go down then keep on watching alright so if you have been watching my channel all year you may be having a moment of like no when I first saw the press pictures for this collection I was like wait a minute now in February I reviewed this bad boy the box of crayons palette now this eyeshadow palette went viral on its own and so many of you requested me to review this now I actually lived for this palette I'll link this video actually down below it's almost like 4 million views and so many of you lived and breathed for this palette I know a lot of you have bought in it and this brand is actually really cool I love their creativity so when I saw this I was like hmm now obviously this brand was inspired by Kranz first of all I know y'all gonna read me crayon or crayon we all come from different parts of the world I always just say what's up crayon and if you don't like that I'm so sorry so if you guys remember or did not watch this video let me give you a quick recap this brand of course was inspired by crayons they actually owned the trademark for this now I had to do a little google search on everything because I was a little confused there has been a little conspiracy going around the internet that because this was such a huge seller months ago that the brand Crayola was like hmm we need to come in the game and kind of do our own thing now I don't know if that's true is it a myth is it a rumor is that reality I have no idea you'd have to ask the CEO of Crayola but I have to do some quick googling searches because I was confused of what things were so a crayon is a pencil or stick of colored chalk or wax used for drawing obviously we know that but I wasn't sure if Crayola owned the word crayon they actually don't so when you go to search for trademarks now you can look up anyone's trademark from any brand and see what they own so if you look up jeffree star cosmetics on a trademark site you will see I own the words androgyny Beauty killer skin frost so if anyone else tried to use those words for makeup or fashion I could sue them which I have done before in one so anyway the box of crayons palette is trademarked by the owner of course of this brand and the crayon case which is the name of the brand is also a registered trademark so they do have their business in order now Crayola of course itself is a registered trademark and they have teamed up with of course the brand ASOS is ASOS allowed to be called a brand it's a big fashion website that a lot of influencers buy or get free clothes from and a lot of people shop on there I personally have never been on there but I broke my virginity because I had this collection overnighted to my house of course and I bought a lot of these staples now when I looked at the packaging I thought it was kind of cute let's be honest this is very reminiscent of my childhood I did not grow up with iPads as a kid I grew up with crayons markers and playing hopscotch okay we did not have a fortnight and I wasn't blowing anyone yet or was I all right so when I saw the packaging I was like I'm gonna lie bitch it's cute we're gonna go into it a little in-depth more later but I have to smell this it's almost normal now we're gonna try it out I have some we have a face palette so we're gonna do contour highlight some eyes and lift that's what we're getting into today people so to me this might be a little overpriced okay now when I see the packaging I'm like that's on it's underwhelming is it a Crayola staple of course yes but it's not like it's mind-blowing this is literally a cheap box so when I saw the price of this I was like all right so this little guy is $24 I'm like oh fuck I put Red Bull.

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