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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Will Form 5495 Judicial

Instructions and Help about Will Form 5495 Judicial

Welcome this is TJ from you are law org today we're going to talk about winning court processes and really what we think is one of the simplest winning court processes if you've got someone coming after you some agency lawsuit that sort of thing really an undamaged party a non victim party type of situation happening now you might want to pay particularly close attention because a lot of people have been seeking remedies in the sovereign and Patriot movement for years and they really keep missing the boat by making it more complicated than it really is I hope that in this short video I can get you a really good concept of what seems to be working why it's working how it's based in equity which is what we really want yet so many people are way off in left-field trying to get those things and don't really understand why they're not getting it we're not about sovereign or Patriot movements we're not about all capital letter names or UCC ones or you know glowing in the dark floating on the cloud theories we're just trying to stick with what works and what's actually going on in the court see so many of us think we have to prove something when we go and prove who we are prove our status prove our standing you know you're standing certainly has to be proved you have to be a party of an interest in what's going on but you don't have to prove your status you already have it you're one of the people and if these people are committing some sort of theft or fraud against you you need to be the one to bring that up and that's a winning strategy for winning so we're going...