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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Will Form 5495 Filing

Instructions and Help about Will Form 5495 Filing

Hi everyone what I'm going to talk about tonight is ink printer cartridges it's one of those things where the cost that had a lot of money I went down to store recently bought well not to buy 100 actually buy it and tell you now because it was 25 quid just for that now the companies will sell you a printer pretty cheaply but when it comes to the printer cartridges ink cartridges it's got two cups you an arm the leg and that's how they make their money so I thought like I'm going oh I'm going to do some research on the internet and that's exactly what it did and this is what I came up with I'm showing you now I'll just take the camera off its own stand right first thing to do get yourself on Amazon all right you can see it here see all the list of ink refill kits all you need to do is type in the box Amazon ink cartridge refill kits and you'll get a whole bunch of them here okay but you'll also get a little form which you'll need to fill in all right you need to fill in the type of cartridge you've got etc now what you do that is just find out what sort of printer you've got mine's the HP here if you don't know how to get the cartridge out just I look at instructions it's not too difficult once you've done it once or twice once you've got the cartridge out you'll find it's got like a little code on there and all you need to know is actually on that label and all you need to do feel that little form in it will give you which kit you need and you scroll down find it and there you go and it's going to save you a whole bunch of money you can buy the colored ones as well I'm just dealing with a black and white for now okay kept it simple right now when you send away for that for this kit you'll get like a box it won't necessarily be this round of course so many different brands around inside you'll get some syringes you get the bottles of ink you get a special clip to stop it leaking while it's filling use this manual I can say there's one of those two ninjas you'll get like a little sticker here which when you read the instructions okay nothing to it you unpeel the correct one because there might be more than one place it onto the ink cartridge in the right place and that all that does is show you where the correct hole is that you need to inject the ink cartridge if you look look at that one I still got the dot on there you see that's four different type you can see we're in - there's like a little rum in it I've put in to stop it leaking hope this is clear enough and it goes in there okay so what I'm going to do now is show you how it's actually done now you get a pair of gloves with this kit as well I've got ink on my fingers already but it doesn't really matter you need a piece of tissue need to cover your work surface here okay with some newspaper I just used card now because some it what I'm doing will show up a lot better I'll just plant the camera back on so I can show you how easy it is to fill one of these ink cartridges once you've done it once or twice it is really a piece of cake now the instructions will show you how to do this this clip here just to stop the ink from coming out of the other side it just clips on like that okay take one of the bottles all right I've already prefilled this one so I'm not going to actually inject anything stick it through the cardboard top there withdraw the amount of ink you require it will tell you instructions or you can just guess until it comes out of top okay you just push the syringe into the cartridge then withdraw it just a fraction and then you just compress your syringe to put the ink in this one's already fall is you can properly see it's overflowing now but no matter it can be messy I'll just mop that up but really it's just it's a piece of cake you know I mean this is the worst it really gets after you've done that just take the clip off use your tissue like this but we can see that all right until the excess that's being used up you'll get that little shape there it's a nice little shape on your tissue and sit once the excess is soaked up there you're ready to put this ink cartridge back into the printer and away you go some of them got a little bong here you can put in to stop it actually leaking if you're worried about that little rubber bungs then they can see that just put it back in and that's it really and these bottles will last about six refills which is absolutely incredible so if you want to save yourself a bundle of money just go for it just pick up my link save yourself some money go to Amazon now you know where to go now you ought to do don't get ripped off anymore job done.

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