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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Will Form 5495 Estates

Instructions and Help about Will Form 5495 Estates

The main reason I came to this this area is because no building restrictions whatsoever that's really hard to find in this country there's just no building restrictions out here you know in South Brewster County which is pretty miraculous actually because the population is really tiny out here it's cheap to live out here as well I started with a 40 acre tract was eight thousand dollars and this the twenty acre tract I bought south of Meade was five hundred dollars I came out here to get away from debt I was deep in debt and the mortgage on the house I had was was pretty steep I was gonna become a statistic if I wasn't careful and not luckily I was able to sell the place and walk away with a chunk of change to go somewhere and start simple yeah I got this dog house for my chickens hoping they'd start going in there and they're they're sort of spending some time in there but they sleep all night right on my porch in front of my door major gates 128 square feet of it I first moved out here almost seven years ago I was a set builder in New York City for a number of years and I used those skills to build the basic box in my house in a week and put it together and moved in and that took three months to do all the finish work with the second roof and the metal siding and the interior one of the tricky things out here a shade of course I did this sort of double roof thing on my house now there's actually an insulated waterproof cover on the top of my box of a building that I live in and then I've got a foot above that is this other metal roof that had shade air can pass through there and help suck any heat off of it it really makes a big difference as far as not cooking yourself in the summertime out here so this is my outdoor shower it had a door on it but it blew off in the last storm we get some pretty heavy winds out here and my door blows off usually twice a season and I haven't rebuilt it yet so let's add out here it doesn't really matter if you have a door or not well there's a tank on top there's an insulated box on top and there's glass on the south side and I'm the top of it insulated glass it's just an old steel tank from my hot water here and I manually fill it like on the ladder here and fill it because I don't use that much water out of here this panel on the side here is a thermal siphon which basically helps heat it up faster in the wintertime it's disconnected right now so it's not really doing anything but when the Sun is lower in the winter and it beats down on this panel here this gets really hot and it naturally cycles the water without any pumps or anything hotter and hotter inside the tank in the summertime you never take a shower at the end of the day because the water is way too hot you wait till the first thing in the morning of course out here when you live by yourself you don't have to shower that often because if there's no one to smell you do you you know really stink when I first moved out here the cheapest deal on solar panels yeah there's 45 watts of solar three of these panels with one set that was about four dollars and fifty cents a lot now solar you can get for under a dollar a lot these run my lights and my swamp cooler it's such a tiny house I have a fan running 24 hours a day in the house just to circulate air through there I left at my house in upstate New York when I moved out here that house was 2,800 square feet so I've gone from 2,800 to 128 my house in upstate New York it was a big farmhouse built in 1845 there's an upstairs bathroom and the downstairs bathroom there were four bedrooms upstairs now used 10% of the house most of the time I had to buy all this furniture just to put stuff in each of these rooms that I never went into so you're in the foyer and the kitchen right now then we have a long hallway and there's a bedroom on the right and an office living room dining room on the left and you know it's funny I lived in in Manhattan for maybe 12 years and I never had an apartment anywhere this small when I lived in Manhattan I always said I think the smallest was 350 square feet so this is 128 square feet of course in Manhattan this would probably cost you $1,000 a month in rent for something this size I come down here there's a propane tank under the counter and it's just a regular burner thing turned on you have to light it with a match I have a solar oven I use occasionally as well there's but simple stuff like soups and pasta and stuff I just cook in here on this little propane grill top everything's so simple here you know I was busting my ass seven days a week just to pay all the bills for all the stuff I had and now it's pared down to one room I've got a huge yard you know with all this land I can't see another house from my property which is another big plus there's no well there's very little stress out here the only time I get stressed out here is when there's a big storm because storms are scary out here does.

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