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Music Music hi I'm Shoni my editor of the economy and here with me I've got Steve Smith global CEO of Equinix data centers Steve thanks all for talking to me aren't happy to be here Equinix is one of the largest companies in the world in terms of data since you've got nearly 200 sites especially the latest acquisition of berries and data centers we got just over 1.2 billion dollars to expand your footprint this year with 14 new markets we fortune does it expansion in existing markets in five new data centers what else can we expect from you this year in terms of services and not just there's a new construction well those are all those are all facts about the the construction we've been doing that for four or five years now we've been in that in that vicinity of over a billion dollars u.s. capital and we tend to build 20 plus projects per year around the world that's all for all of our big region's Americas Europe and in the Asia so there's lots of new things going on as you probably are aware the world is changing very fast and we're evolving our next generation of interconnection we're evolving how we design and build these data centers and so there's a lot of change going on in the market today not only how we design a bill but also how we run our services inside inside these facilities so it's a busy time for us so and when you look at the way you run your business and you look at new technology intelligence how's a Kleenex making use of this new technology out there so I'll Guri the machine learning neural networks well the great thing about our business model is we play at the intersection of probably greatest trends that we've seen in our lifetime whether it's cloud computing or the Internet of Things or mobile certainly the world that we're operating in today is mobile cloud enabled with these involving IOT edge control points and so our scope of our work with our clients across all the industries that we service today typically involves conversations around those types of things their mobile agenda their cloud agenda the the edge of the Internet is moving and so that the concept of the Internet of Things pretty much everything's getting connected to the Internet from your from cameras around the world to sensors to cars to your computers to airplane engines everything's getting connected to the Internet so it all requires infrastructure servers storage arrays and network here and and and all of that goes into data centers in order to make it work to interconnect it around the world so we're very fortunate that we play at the middle of all this and it is providing us a lot of opportunity and then say so what'd you think of the especially for example state is the new oil data centers I didn't do tomorrows oil refineries yeah that's an interesting comparison I hadn't heard them before but it's data centers before let me give you an example cloud is cloud as a place and clouds are found in data centers and so it's a destination and so we're creating the on and off ramps to much of the public and private cloud access points around the world and we work with the largest providers in the world so from AWS to Microsoft at Google to Oracle to sa p2i BM the list goes on and on and our our opportunity is to create access points network nodes where they have their infrastructure to make it very easy for enterprises in any country that we operate in to come into our data centers in those countries and very easily connected and privately or publicly inside those internet to move their data and their traffic around the world and in the form of for their consumer for their employees and for their customers it comes down to your wider message around the interconnection which I think seems to be quite strong about yes interconnection I would say as we call it our secret sauce inside we know very simply we do three things we prspace we power and we and we and we interconnect that those workloads so that's that's the game work but underneath that it's a very complex business that we try to make simple for our customers and so one of the things that's happening for sure in the world is that all these consumer companies that are making it very easy to consume that is translating into the business world well we have to make it very easy to for customers to consume us and today we have 179 data centers in 44 markets and 22 countries so our big task is to make those those use cases or make make the experience for our customers if especially our customers that are with us in all regions consistent consistent and standard and we work very hard at them so all the streams the admission about IOT cloud and everything else there's just global trends as well we have your business regionally how would you differentiate when you have to look into the different markets in North America South America Europe Asia not so much into Africa right now how would you differentiate these markets oh it's a good question John we part of the part of the advantage of Equinix has is we are a global platform so we pra consistent experience for the majority of our customers actually 58 percent of our revenue today is with us in all three regions of the world Asia Europe and in the Americas so a very high percentage of our customers revenue is with us in multiple parts of the world because many companies their people their customers their data their information their cloud are deployed globally.

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