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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Will Form 5495 Assessment

Instructions and Help about Will Form 5495 Assessment

Music inside a dyslexia evaluation okay come on in Zeke over here how are you feeling today how do kids get evaluated for dyslexia in this video you'll get an inside look at an actual evaluation watch as dr. Matthew Kruger a psychologist in New York City reevaluate Zeke a second grader with dyslexia you're not hungry right now did you sleep okay last night are you feeling tired right now so you'd be okay to do some of the stuff that we're going to do in terms of school can you tell me what subject you like the best recess the test you're about to see in this private clinic are similar to the ones used in public schools whether public or private evaluations are conducted by trained specialists who ask questions that are designed to systematically find a child's weaknesses and strengths I want you to try your best and I think some of the things you'll do you'll find interesting some of them you might find to be just sort of boring tasks but all of them are pretty short so if when you are working on something and you don't like it you don't have to feel bad because it's going to be over pretty soon they're just basically pretty quick tasks that we can work together to get done okay breaking down the tests oral language skills blending and removing sounds now I'm going to say parts of words and I want you to tell me what words those sounds make okay listen light tur what word is that lighter pen SIL pencil ice dice hmm oh most now I'm gonna say a word and I want you to say the word after me okay say match box match box now say match box without saying match docs say cupcake cupcake great now say cupcake without saying cake okay Cup that's right say joyful joyful now say joyful without saying full joy that's right say spill spell now say spill without saying al most of us acquire language automatically so we hear the sounds and words and were able to play with those sounds and words and to communicate very effectively with others dyslexic students or students who are headed for some reading problems also show by observation that they can engage in conversation just the way most everybody else can but when we look at these foundation skills these phonological awareness skills we noticed that there are gaps in their capacity to do that easily and readily and that does lead them predisposes them to have some problems when they're looking at letters in print and having to associate a sound to those letters and then being able to sort of manipulate and play with those sounds repeating nonsense words I'm gonna say a nonsense word and then I'm gonna ask you to say what I said just repeat the word exactly the way I said it okay you ready say AB AB okay good X X good in the category of tests that I might give to a student that look at phonological awareness nonsense word repetition is one of those tests I want to look at their ability to hear all of the sounds in words and so I start off with these your items but I get to more complicated items like BC while a new because I want to see if a student has a capacity to hear all of those sounds and words and to be able to sort of sequence them and and blend them together effectively pre Butterick pre Butterick pre Butterick excellent job BC while Anoop BC Walla noob BC you while a new excellent those are skill sets that are important for reading the capacity to see that there are sounds and words and being able to carefully attend to them and play with those sounds and sort of putting them together to synthesize a word for reading square chalice square qu s square chalice square chalice excellent job you did really good at hearing those sounds and making them sound right rhyming do the words cup and pop rhyme yes see the words hit and height rhyme yeah do the words pill and fill rhyme yeah do the words mush and soup wine yes we know okay did the words home and phone rhyme no wait yes okay wait no sorry okay that's a tricky one huh sorry home phone home no they don't right no okay do the words hide and mine rhyme yes okay tell me a word that rhymes with monkey chunky tell me a word that rhymes with pride tie and tell me a word that rhymes with nut fight good I don't know if that's a bad word but I don't know that's good I've never heard that as a bad word so maybe I'm not sure identifying the first and last sounds in words I want you to listen carefully the words and tell me the two words that start with the same sound mark bark mud which two words have the same starting sound wait can you hate it of course mark bark mud Markham so I asked him to identify which words had the same beginning sound like I might have said the word bun bark and cake and I want to know that he can hear that bun and bark had the same initial sounds and words and that they can discriminate that from the other words that they heard now I want you to know mark and bark are good rhyming words but mark and mud actually both start with a must sound oh yeah that would be the one that you would pick okay yeah all right now try this one bun band son which two words start with this and band excellent I'm really looking at a student's ability to show that they can identify the initial sounds and words and.

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