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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Will Form 5495 Agreements

Instructions and Help about Will Form 5495 Agreements

Hello and welcome in this series of lessons I will teach you all about subject verb agreement we'll start with the basics in this lesson and in the following lessons will discuss more advanced topics such as quantity expressions group or collective nouns identifying subjects when there are interrupting phrases or clauses etc this first lesson will teach you how to make sentences with correct verb forms for different subjects and how to use the verb be that is M is our was and work as always at the end of the lesson there is a final quiz to test your understanding so if you're ready let's get started Music you so what is subject verb agreement well you know that every English sentence has a subject and a verb subject verb agreement means the subject and the verb must be in the correct form this is the rule a singular subject takes a singular verb a plural subject takes a plural verb take these two sentences that monkey eats bananas those monkeys eat bananas in the first sentence we see a singular noun as the subject monkey noun means a name so here monkey is the name of an animal this is the subject here the verb is each verb means an action in this sentence the subject is a singular noun one monkey so the verb also needs to be singular eats but in the second sentence we have a plural subject and a plural verb those monkeys eat bananas notice that the nouns and the verbs are behaving in opposite ways the singular noun monkey becomes monkeys with an S in the plural form but the verb has an S in the singular form eats and the plural verb eat does not have an S here are...

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