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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Why Form 5495 Survey

Instructions and Help about Why Form 5495 Survey

I'm gonna demonstrate how to build a database and access from a survey that we conducted a couple years ago on the Westminster College campus this is our survey and we print off a bunch of copies and we had administrators of the survey go around and ask students for his questions like what year in college were they make your school whether they attended past maid term trips whether their interests whether they're enrolled in May term that's coming up their interest in going on a midterm trip areas of interest countries of interest the highest cost we want to pay experiences that there that is desired by the student on these trips and then any other component so I'm gonna set this aside for a second and open up access and this is going to be basically transferred to access into a survey form where after these are all filled out with pins in personal interviews the person conducting the survey can upload it to the database and this part of the survey this part of the survey and this part of the survey is actually contained already in Excel so we have areas which looks just like the stuff on the form we have countries which are blanks on the form currently so they're blank over here and then we have experiences desired which are exactly like the experiences listed on the survey form so this part of the survey this part of the survey and this part the survey are going to be imported into access and I'll go ahead and do that right now so we're gonna go to we're gonna click on external data tab click on the Excel button here that may term data is those tables are stored on the desktop so I'm gonna click on this right here then I'll click on ok and then I'm gonna make sure these are the three worksheets right in Excel we had areas countries and experience right so those little three worksheets that are net Excel so currently access is connected to excel and we're gonna bring this in and this looks identical to this over here correct and we're hitting next the first row contains column headings yes and then we're gonna say yes no duplicates and we'll spell that out later there's a reason for that and then rather than going to with Access default for primary key we're gonna choose our own primary key when we do that notice that default one went away and area D which is our primary key is now highlighted you hit next we're gonna call this table areas which is the same as the name of the worksheet it came from an excel hit finish and close and there it is and we double click on it and it looks just like what is in Excel so then we have to do another one we're gonna go ahead Excel random browse click on the data set hit OK now we're gonna choose countries because in Excel we have a list of countries and we do not want to type these in by hand so we got countries here we got countries here notice they're identical and access is actually hooked up to this file currently hit next first row contains column headings next country ID double we want no duplicates again we'll talk about that a little bit later and then access has a default we want to use the default primary key we're going to choose our primary key which is Kent ready hit next we're gonna call it countries which is the name of the worksheet in Excel hit finish clothes and then we'll go get the third one the third one is experience so we browse we find the data set hit OK click on experience and notice these are identical next first row no duplicates next choose my own primary key which is experience which is highlighted next we're going to name the table the same thing as we named the worksheet in Excel and finish ok so what we have here I can go ahead and close out Excel now what we have here is this part of the survey form is been imported into access likewise here likewise here now we need to build what we call the survey database and it's going to have fields none of these fields you're in college major school attended past May term trip car major restoration rate your interest in matron highest cost and list any other important components so we're gonna create a table over here and we're gonna right click on it to edit it and when we do that it asks us to rename it we're gonna call this a survey table and we need to determine the primary key and the primary key of survey number this is the main table so the data type for this is auto numbers when we add new records access automatically updates this number here so the person putting the information from all these serve it filled out surveys into the database they don't worry about entering this particular number and the first field on the list is year in college so I'll go ahead and copy that I'll paste it over here and then I'll shorthand it a little bit and this is short text and I'm gonna go ahead and copy this from our our word version of the survey and I'm going to create a list down here and to create a list you click on lookup you change it to combo box you change this to value list and then right here I'm gonna paste in those words that I copied from the word document I'm gonna put quotes around the word senior I'm gonna backspace until I get to Junior I'm gonna do a quote and a semicolon botas necessary because it's a string of characters.

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