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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Why Form 5495 Statutes

Instructions and Help about Why Form 5495 Statutes

Music hey kids today I'm going to talk about some of the strangest rules regulations and ordinances from around the globe our first one comes from the United Kingdom in 1986 parliament passed what is known as the salmon Act which among other things made it illegal to handle salmon in suspicious circumstance whatever that means oh shit police that fucking fish Jenga no here's another in many Caribbean countries it's illegal for a civilian to wear camouflage clothing in public in other words you're only allowed to wear really good camouflage the USA has its fair share of dumb laws most of which exist on the state level for example in Oklahoma you can be arrested for making an ugly face at a dog knowing the average panhandler it's fortunate that this law doesn't get enforced much or else have to stay wood at the brown bag it just by default and we can check this off looking good moving on in the state of Florida and I don't really know why they'd have to enforce this one it's considered unlawful to have sex with a porcupine follies hey hey guys that guy's it's cool I'm actually a hedgehog Oh carry on another good Florida law this one really takes the take it's illegal for an unmarried female to go skydiving on Sunday this is how I imagine that law coming into being right we need to ban skydiving why is that the sky is God's domain us mortals have no right playing in it I'm pretty sure God doesn't care about people jumping out of planes for fun okay but how about we just ban people God doesn't like from skydiving like a unwed women that is the most ridiculous thing I have ever heard what if it's also the Lord's Day okay that's fair this next one comes from Russia where homophobia is fairly commonplace as one can imagine gay marriage is a big no-no over there but in 2022 Vladimir Putin took things a step further and made it illegal to even tell children that gay people exist Bolshevik previous published a balaclava soviet cosas Kremlin Guadalajara disputed ruble anastasiya evidence borscht Loretta October Dostoevsky Stalin crap Kalashnikov vodka and he has track pants Music to come lay up apparently though that's not the weirdest wrote the command of a former red state in China it's actually illegal to reincarnate without the government's permission like a lot of Chinese policies this law was mostly just put in place to piss off the bet still though I can see there being a lot of unforeseen consequences here command sir we found this cat in one of the local temples we suspect it might have been a Buddhist in a past life huh better executed just to be safe by your orders captain Wow wait a minute you hear that mal there it is again he said now oh my god that must be Chairman Mao reincarnated sorry sir but the orders have already been given no Jesus Christ you just killed our glorious leader oh god you're right what have I done come in sir we found another cat Wow holy shit that was fast anyway that's all for today till next time I'm salmonella and thank you for watching also I have a Twitter now check the description Music.

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