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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Why Form 5495 Statutes

Instructions and Help about Why Form 5495 Statutes

Music, hey kids, today I'm going to talk about some of the strangest rules, regulations, and ordinances from around the globe. Our first one comes from the United Kingdom. In 1986, Parliament passed what is known as the Salmon Act, which, among other things, made it illegal to handle salmon in suspicious circumstances – whatever that means. Oh shit, police! That fucking fish Jenga! No! Here's another: in many Caribbean countries, it's illegal for a civilian to wear camouflage clothing in public. In other words, you're only allowed to wear really good camouflage. The USA has its fair share of dumb laws, most of which exist on the state level. For example, in Oklahoma, you can be arrested for making an ugly face at a dog. Knowing the average panhandler, it's fortunate that this law doesn't get enforced much, or else we'd have to stay wood at the brown bag by default. And we can check this off, looking good, moving on. In the state of Florida, and I don't really know why they'd have to enforce this one, it's considered unlawful to have sex with a porcupine. Follies, hey, hey guys, that guy's cool, I'm actually a hedgehog. Oh, carry on. Another good Florida law: it's illegal for an unmarried female to go skydiving on Sunday. This is how I imagine that law coming into being: "Right, we need to ban skydiving. Why is that?" "The sky is God's domain, us mortals have no right playing in it." "I'm pretty sure God doesn't care about people jumping out of planes for fun." "Okay, but how about we just ban people God doesn't like from skydiving? Like unmarried women?" "That is the most ridiculous thing I have ever heard. What if it's also the Lord's Day?" "Okay, that's fair." This...