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So good evening ladies and gentlemen and welcome to UCL my name is Otis Tiger I direct the European Institute here at UCL and it is my great pleasure to be welcoming here in the UCL Faculty of laws for tonight's event under normal circumstances one would have assumed that just under two months before brexit day there might have been a slight fatigue setting in but these aren't quite ordinary circumstances of course and we have a very extraordinary speaker with us tonight so I'm not surprised so many of you have turned out to hear him speak I'm delighted that survivin Rodgers has taken time out of his schedule to talk to us about where brexit coming from and where it is likely to take us and I'm also very grateful for a UCL's president and provost Michael Arthur to be chairing tonight's discussion before I hand over to the to just a few housekeeping things if I may first of all you will have seen there is Wi-Fi here and a hashtag as well to go with it so you're welcome to tweet otherwise might I please ask you to remember to put your phones in silent you will otherwise be showing up on live stream and film and also with regards to the fire exit I've been asked to say that this would be the fire exit door you have to go up the stairs around the corner and across the street should that occasion arise other than that just to say sir Ivan will be speaking for about an hour and then we will have half an hour's time for question and so with that without further ado over to Michael thank you Music good evening ladies and gentlemen for those of you who don't know me I'm professor Michael Arthur and I have the great honor of being the president and the Provost of UCL and it's my pleasure to welcome all of you and our guest speakers rival Rogers to this event nice by way of introduction sir Ivan was educated at Baylor College at the University of Oxford I guess we'll have to forgive him that and also they call normal superior before going back to Bailey off for three years and then he applied for a place on the civil service fast track and chose at that time the Department of Health and Social Security in 92 he was seconded to the Treasury didn't return to his former department he served in the Treasury including time as private secretary to Kenneth Clark then Chancellor of the Exchequer he was then seconded to the European Commission as chief of staff to see Leon Brittan returning to be director European strategy and policy and later director of budget and public finances under Gordon Brown in 2022 Sir Ivan was chosen to succeed Jeremy Heywood as the principal private secretary to the Prime Minister Tony Blair and after three years in this role Sir Ivan left the civil service for a while and he became head of the UK public sector group at Citigroup and then transferred to be head of the public sector industry group UK and Ireland of Barclays Capital from 2022 to in 2022 so eivin returned to the civil service as the Prime Minister's advisor for Europe and global issues and then became head of European and global issues Secretariat based in the Prime Minister's office at number 10 he then of course went on to the role which I think makes him uniquely qualified to give this evening's lecture and that of course was role as a senior British civil servant who was permanent representative of the United Kingdom to the European Union from 14 November 2022 until his resignation on the 3rd of January 2022 siren you are very welcome at UCL we are very grateful to you for giving us your time for coming along to give this lecture this evening which we have been looking forward to absolutely massively where did Brett's it come from and where is it going to take the UK those are two really good questions I have to say thank you very much Applause Applause thank you very much for inviting me and for those very kind words of invitation and welcome as you'll detect from that account of my CV virtually everything I have gone to and touched hers in the end gone badly so so I don't know what you can deduce from that of course my line to take is that would have been even worse without me but I'm not sure how convincing that is on the question of prexy as you say you you asked me to talk for about an hour on where brexit came from and where it may take us I'll try and cover both although it would take much longer than an hour and an answer questions later but given the intense political crisis for an area now I want you to focus primarily on where we now are why we're there and then look again at what our real options are we desperately need clear honest thinking about our choices not just in the weeks ahead but years and decades ahead and I'm afraid I continue to think that our political debate is bedeviled by what at the time I resign I term muddled thinking and by fantasies and delusions about what our options really are in the world as it is as opposed to the different worlds people on different sides of the debate would prefer to inhabit to be clear at the outset I do think these fantasies which one would have hoped might be dissipating by now in the face of reality are still being propagated on all sides the denialism I think is pretty universal but if we're to take good decisions about our future it's now genuinely urgent we get beyond the myth making I'm.

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