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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Why Form 5495 Referral

Instructions and Help about Why Form 5495 Referral

All right hi guys I'm bringing something new to my fellow Keller Williams agents I went to the Keller Williams family reunion and was really excited by one particular thing that that I saw and I've been invited to be part of the labs in this for this particular piece yet I haven't gone yet I haven't gotten involved yet so I was excited to come home and actually pull up the new referral network and get an idea for what it was and I'm super excited about what I'm seeing some of you guys may remember this several years ago four years ago I started the ulster agent Network and it was I custom built the software I spent a ton of money building it and I was I was I decided to pull the plug on it for a couple reasons one because my attention was to split which we all know is really a leverage issue because if you make the right hires you know leverage and compensation financial issues if you if you make the right hire they can build it and run it but the other thing was I still found that real estate agents were primarily choosing to use the social networks over the allstar network even though they were they were members I had a pain component where you were advertisers on a spot and even though these agents were in there they still weren't sending their referrals through it because it's easier to send it on social so I am hoping that we all get smarter than this and that we use the software that we have to build a better to build a better referral system to protect ourselves you know because here we are sending out referrals and we're just willy-nilly sending them to agents and well I'm not I have a system but most agents and then you know how are you getting follow-up how do you know what's happening how do you get paid you know are you choosing an agent based on location production languages specialties bold or not bold and all those things are you are you paying attention to that so what I love is that I turn this on this morning this looks very much like what my other agent Network and so I think they've done a great job now I have not yet placed a referral through here yet I'm online right now looking at it so I'm going to share with you what I have discovered so that you can go get it set up okay so Kelly is the app ke ll e is the app so you can go ahead and go to the App Store and download Kelly as a Keller Williams agent and it's working directly with the kW connect so you need to have your login and your password also if your kW connect to get those referrals together right now from what I can tell I love what it does on the desktop itself so I'm setting mine up on the desktop right now to get everybody set up so the first thing you're gonna want to do is you're gonna want to make sure that your go to your my kwkw comm and make sure all of your profiles are set up correctly okay so you're gonna do this kind of thing my kwkw comm go over here and click on profile and once you're in profile make sure you have all of your information correct because from what I understand most of its most of its it the information is coming from there the production which I'll talk about is coming from the kW reports but let me let me go ahead and cover that right now in talking with a lot of the people at Keller Williams and some of the some of the agents are actually in the labs as well that have been helping build this have expressed that there some concern about the production reporting because when you're on a team or you have a team husband-and-wife teams things like that your production is is only under one person and so a lot of times a production is split incorrectly so I'll give you a great example of this I hope they don't mind me using them as an example my good buddies Johnny and Johnny I combined their names that's so funny John and Holly are the number one agents in Tennessee they're out of Knoxville and it's the Holly McCray team and John is her husband well they don't even have the same last name and the way they set themselves up John although Holly technically is the Rainmaker they both do amazing amazing stuff over there John and all the production is booked under John okay John's really he does lead generation and he trained works as I say he's and systems of processes and Holly's you know I'm coaching and leading the team so they're definitely partners but she doesn't get any credit for it it's all in his name so if somebody were to go hey let me go give Holly McRae a referral whoops hold on I clicked to her page let me give Holly McRae a referral and look at this she dropped down it says she hasn't done anything support Holly looks like she's just not producing okay and then you've got mine which I have it I have a unique issue as well I so mine says I've done just under 7 million the past 12 months which which isn't accurate but mine is a little bit weird because I was Minh through a divorce dissolve the team put a team back together during the year prior I worked with agents that were outside that were off my team some Keller Williams some not Keller Williams well for those of you that don't know how production works when you.

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