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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Why Form 5495 Quarterly

Instructions and Help about Why Form 5495 Quarterly

What's up guys $20 bandit yeah yeah I know what you're thinkin aboot 20 really a boot what do I care about a boot okay so the answer that question is this is the boot I've gone through a ton of boots over the last year trying to find something that was just dialed in something that was rigid and supportive yet you know extremely agile something that got good traction in all conditions but wasn't like a heavy loved military-style boot something that was kind of like cutting edge lightweight good looking good suppor solid construction gore-tex booty so it was waterproof etc etc and a comfortable in Seoul and some suspension and I finally found it and it's funny because I got it right before a trip I just went on a backpacking trip and we went up a couple thousand feet up and down we should say and it was probably about nine or ten mile hike this was a good test it was a good testing ground wasn't too long so if they suck i'm hurting the whole time it wasn't too short so i don't really get a chance to put him through a thorough test it had elevation gain so I was going uphill and downhill and I fell in love with these boots I actually returned two other pairs of boots that I had purchased because I just I'm stopped right here this is the under armour tactical mid gtx and it's got something in it called their spine technology now I don't really know a whole lot about it I've just read a little bit but I've used the boot and I understand the concept now you can see the real deep lugs on this boot all the way from front to back obviously in the back it's proof providing cushion as you walk and you start to realize how good this works after about say seven or eight miles the lugs are great look there's still rock caught in the lug right there they grabbed man and they don't let go it's amazing mud I went mud gravel soft sand up and down hill in these things and I was super impressed it's got like a mid-level traction system in the solar and then it's got like a deep mud traction kind of like a like a mud terrain tire for a truck but then if you look at the depth of the actual soul it provides tons of cushioning and by the way this boot weighs nothing it's amazing it's dirty right now it's one pound three ounces so I mean you're talking about this is probably a one-pound boot without the dirt anyway so I got this another thing I wanted to pass along it's a little bit these are a little bit expensive like I said I returned two other pairs of boots they're a little bit expensive but just the detailed okay and another thing i don't like and under armour really guys come on china man make these things especially this we're guys and the service are going to want these they can't get these is very compliant it's completely ungettable for them unless they buy it on their own and these are a hundred and sixty dollar boots so they're worth it though man these things seriously if I was you know these are great the agility it's the nylon it's for dura nylon multicam printed obviously and the rest of the boot Amash exactly sure what the materials are it's not clear it just says synthetic upper and rubber outsole which obviously you know I could figure that out here's what i can tell you about after wearing it did the boots inches of tight it keeps your food your foot back in the boot going uphill and downhill there's good movement in the front and width as far as like from the side cross the ball your foot it's good there's room there and then there's good room for your toes to move in the boot actually I didn't think it would at first but because of the way they designed it it will cinch up and it pulls evenly on the material because of this whatever you call this molding or strapping and by the way there's no seams on this boot on the inside obviously but the way that they strapped it it's seamless except for right here so yeah ok so the boots are awesome they weigh about a pound on they do what they're supposed to do there you know in its in a color where it's not going to stand out so if you are a military guy anneli guy a hunter any of those things this is an awesome boot it's waterproof it's got a gore-tex booty which then I sprayed it with camo camo guard just to make sure and this is awesome all conditions I would imagine snow too even though i don't know this wouldn't be an appropriate boot for snow but in a pinch yet but like deep mud and anything like that absolutely and it's also the tongue is gusseted all the way down so those large rushes of water as long as you're keeping it below about three or four inches you're not going to get a rush of water into the booth so it gives the gore-tex booty a fighting chance and actually keeping your foot dry okay so enough said right i love these they're awesome get them from tactical distributors let me show you these guys are rad man i talked to i won't use his name that i talked to the guy in charge of customer service on thursday when i bought these boots there's a tactical distributors right there make sure there's no glare on the screen there you go TD right there i'm really impressed with these guys first of all if you're new.

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