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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Why Form 5495 Payments

Instructions and Help about Why Form 5495 Payments

In this edition of Divi plugin highlight I'm gonna show you a plug-in called WP estimation and payment forms builder as you can see it's available for $20 here at code Canyon net which is part of the Envato market we can see the plug-in in action over at a girl and her Mac Studio com working flawlessly with Divi this is the website of Leslie Bernal our guest host for divination episode 11 our main topic of conversation was how to filter out problem clients and I thought this plugin was a subtle but professional way to do just that we've all experienced that client call or email exchange in which someone sometimes it feels like everyone wants to nickel and dime us on our rates in question why one thing cost as much as it does or if they can get this or that for free and on and on this plugin will take much of that completely out of the equation by providing an automated quote to those who take the time to go through the form all without ever having to take a call or manually exchange an email Leslie has a set up so you can click this quote button right here and get the process started so let's take a look as you can see it starts out with a really simple interface and I think there's one of the great things about this plugin is you never have to do more than one thing at a time so it starts out and you see this nice little scale up here price scale and you just answer one question a time and go through so I'm gonna pick a regular site then I can choose features and I'm just gonna kind of randomly select some you can see the price gauge going up as I add things some of these are free but some are not and so you see the price continuing to increase the more features that I choose all right let's go next step I'm just going to pick kind of randomly here so that we can move through but you could make these steps anything you want 16 pages and just because we've all experienced clients wanting rush projects let's say complete in less than 30 days alright so I D in the process we have basically a price that's non-negotiable and a place for people to put their email and click I'm interested let's talk effectively this is them agreeing to the price beforehand without you ever having to talk to them on the phone or exchange emails and try to negotiate a price this will go a long way towards filtering out prospective clients who don't have the necessary budget to work with you in the first place okay well that is WP estimation and payment forms builder I hope that for those of you who give it a try it helps to build your WordPress and Divi business don't forget if you're watching this video on YouTube or Facebook take a moment to subscribe follow like and/or share it really helps Thanks.

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