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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Why Form 5495 Notification

Instructions and Help about Why Form 5495 Notification

What's up everybody welcome back to plug in cut your home for handcrafted wordpress plugin tutorials and as always I'm your host Matt today I want to make a quick video covering probably the most asked question the most frequently asked question that I get here on the channel and that is where the heck are my ninja forms emails right when somebody goes to my website I have ninja forms as a contact form and folks can't seem to find where their contact forms go when somebody fills out the form and hit submit I'm going to identify some of those most important places to look before you even go live with your contact form so without further ado let's go ahead and dive right into a website that's using ninja forms I already have it installed I already have a bunch of other videos on my channel here teaching you how to use ninja forms so go ahead and check those out if this is your first time looking at ninja forms so it's quite simply the first thing you want to check is go into one of your contact forms so go to forms all forms and then either one or excuse me any form that you have listed here click on edit it's important to know that you could change an email address for multiple forms so if you have you know say your sales organization and you have different sort of lead landing pages and those contact forms are supposed to go to different maybe sales managers different departments that kind of thing you can change that contact email for each for many you can also add multiple emails to a contact form so first thing I want you let's say this is our basic contact form right here we want to click on emails and actions the name is pretty much self-explanatory this is where all the sort of the email stuff will happen and where all of these sort of actions will happen when you submit a contact form and you know by default you can see right here save database this is the email confirmation which is what in the email confirmation that the user gets and then here's what you really want to pay attention to it's the email notification message so if I go ahead and hover over this little gear icon I can choose to copy it I can choose to trash it or I can edit it let's go ahead and hit edit you can see right here that by default the email is set to go to the system admin email and what that is is the email that you probably originally use to install WordPress when you set up your site for the very first time I'll show you where to get to that in a second but you can also override that right so you can also you know put in whoops hello world at gmail.com you could comma separate it as well you could pull in field labels or scuse me field or fields data from those fields that the user is posting when they actually submit this if you want it to go to somebody else in a specific you know field from within your contact form or another piece of sort of maybe metadata if you're doing something a lot more custom and then the same thing you can see that that same example in action right here which says field email this is a reply to when you as the admin once you actually view this email in your inbox when you hit reply it's going to go ahead and reply to the email that that they filled out in the contact form okay so this is the first place you want to check you want to check this email to section which is under the email notification in your specific ninja forum now let's say you don't want to override it and you're saying well maybe maybe my email is it's supposed to be going to the sysadmin how do I get there first thing you want to check is under general settings you'll see the email address is labeled or excuse me is input right here under the email address field this is where ninja forms will look to by default right they'll say whatever email is in the admin section that's who we're going to email when somebody submits a contact form makes most sense a lot of people running their own site they're not in an organization it's you know they're going to be the ones getting that email right to lack of a better term but what happens when you do have everything all set up right you have the email punched in correctly in ninja forms or you have the email correct here but you're still not getting the emails that people submit number one you want to check your spam folders in your from your particular email service provider if you are like most of us you're running your WordPress site on a shared web hosting set up I've talked about web hosting in I believe the video that I showed you how to sell an e-book where I recommend its site ground I believe that's the video I'll try to link it up in this description here and the trouble with well the benefit for running a shared hosting environment it's super affordable you know the site ground which I recommend for shared hosting maybe five bucks a month or something like that comes with a bunch of WordPress tools they do a great job but the issue is is your sharing those resources with a whole bunch of other people on a web server which means that if the other person next to you is maybe spamming through their website or they get hacked and some spam goes out the IP.

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