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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Why Form 5495 Minimizing

Instructions and Help about Why Form 5495 Minimizing

About 20% of women suffer from adult acne and while you may think it's a thing of the past some have it worse and when they were in their teens and today I've got surprising reasons for adult acting they're easily fixable Renee's here she thought her acne problems were behind her that's not happening it is not happening it's like I turned into a teenager again what some good things about that I guess but not the acne I thought I was done with it but I'm not all right so when you know me work out break out in the face usually all over it's kind of depends I mean along my hairline here sometimes it'll be around my nose on my chin sometimes between my eyes it's some predictable winning that predictable there's no rhyme or reason let's start off so we're all on the same page about what a pimple really is okay so I got a little animation on this and if you look at this you'll see if you look at the skin of the face just beneath it under the hair you've got these little follicles where the hair is made these little oil glands here they'll push in there but if he's blocked off here bacteria getting there deal of that that bacteria makes it grow larger it swells it crosses pain and finally on the surface look familiar yes you've been there ah yeah a lot all right so when that happens to you what do you normally do um well I hate to tell you this but I actually pop it I know you pop your pipe I do I pop it I can't handle it it just it's bare you know everybody's looking at it well a little tip next time clean it up get a needle clean needle and just go like this and to sort of Lance it like that okay dig into your face I do that like this at Lancet let's let the puffs drain out you just saw how the pus is deep down when you go like this you'd NASA rate the skin you've beat it all up so yes worse yes and you probably can't predict what causes the breakouts no yeah I can't you like most people but I have a couple tips for things that often are responsible that most of you have never heard of before okay surprising first reason for adult acne is your pillow oh we're going over here okay think about this this beautiful pillowcase looks so clean doesn't it yes to see if on your pillow for seven eight hours a night I hope yeah huh right that's you're not I try try how many hours it is is so fair about and there's dirt there's oil there's bacteria from your face your hands your hair and stuff in it from the environment that it all gets onto this beautiful pillowcase and then that dirt is transferred back into your face clogging up the pork I just showed you the animation so often you wash your pillow case um maybe every other week every other week yes any better than that you think uh most definitely all right so general recommendations are once a week for pillowcases okay but here's the double surprise the pillowcase is only part of the problem pull that pillowcase off if you don't mind the other big problem is the actual pillow itself you see this yes no pillow folks the pillow inside the case is also a breeding ground for dead so listen this is pretty thin yes pillowcase stuff goes through there you sweat on a pillowcase you're sweating on the pillow itself yeah and all this junk breeds bacteria and other kinds of contaminants so you actually have to wash your pillows themselves okay at same every other week all right we called around expert second man you wash the pillowcase once a week okay pillows themselves every six months oh okay and your simple to do just wash them out and we'll help you a lot yeah I want everyone in America because mostly that not washed your pillows in a long time if it's been at least six months which are for everybody pretty much has you wash your pillows tonight you'll be a happy camper tomorrow tonight surprising reason that's your adult he's also card from while you sleep you know put moisturizer on your hands I do and my hands and my arms your very soft skin I'm healing the lotion right here maybe a little extra I love hand cream yes go and put someone rub it in there good now when you go to sleep at night you ever put your hand to your face uh yes you do show me how you'd like sleep I look at my theory yes and I know it's not good cuz then I wake up with fingerprints but it's wonderful well a couple things about the bunch of hands under your face but one of the problems is you put hand cream on your hands and then you rest it on your cheek you're actually putting something on your face they're supposed to be in your hands it's not called hey if you know face cream is called hand cream for a reason if for different kinds of things in there so your solution is to find a moisturizer that's called non comedogenic comedogenic means causing pimples so a non pimple cream okay anything promotes acne has to be avoided I'm gonna give you a list right now okay five things that are commonly found in products they're good for your hands and a good for your face so coconut oil don't want it on your face algae extract great for hands not face so didn't chloride that's salt folks you once salt rubbing on your face Laurel sulfate and I said Oh.

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