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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Why Form 5495 Judicial

Instructions and Help about Why Form 5495 Judicial

Music enough to start a war oh that I say you always see moe I can't keep up with the or turning tables under your Music Applause you two just Music Applause so Music - turntable - turntable - turntable Music Applause welcome to the box what's your name Kennedy Holmes I'm 13 years old and I'm from San Jose Applause Laughter well let me be the first to thank you for coming to the voice because our ratings are going to shoot through the roof this season damn I think you're the best vocalist that has auditioned this year your voice already sounds so seasoned and accomplished and so much control so much range oh my gosh I don't want you to get distracted by the fact that I'm a country artist and you're the greatest artist of all time I've worked with people from all kinds of different genres and done well I want you to pick me as your coach so you can teach me how to sing like that the most beautiful parts of your voice aren't even the biggest the most beautiful ones those intimate wins will you let that roundness of that fuss out of the head voice like said in that's it's oh it's so good thank you you deserved every one of these chairs turn it around girl you sound so long have you been thinking if you're only oh great oh you're right just rasa Jennifer Hudson's talking to her okay so one of my first performances I saying I'm changing I've dreamed to sing with you I'm ready Music Applause look at me look at me I Music Music the girl and not right Music to five to but I need you I need you Music Applause okay thank you so much does that mean you'll come to my team oh my gosh I'm like crying you are so gifted thank you star is the unearned a pleasure just the same with you thank you thank you so much I'm gonna pretend like you have a chance oh no I'm not very very rarely does someone come around that kind of reignites our passion for what we do and to hear you sing today did that I watched you address every single person on the panel fearlessly and with all of the heart and soul that you were throwing out there just to see that kind of confidence naturally exists in you at such a young age it's unheard of after the 15 seasons you really could become the absolute biggest thing to ever come from this show so you should be on my scene I think you have Adam wanna join up he's saying I am changing with you to thank you Kelly you are a Jim and I understand just how special and precious it is and if I could instill every inch of whatever I could possibly give you I will do that and I will be that coach that's there for you no matter what thank you so much okay Kennedy it's time could you pick at your coach I truly love and adore each and every one of you but Music.

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