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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Why Form 5495 Ii

Instructions and Help about Why Form 5495 Ii

It is obvious that this contest cannot be decided by our knowledge of force by our skills with a lightsaber Music what's up guys my name is Collin for Star Wars and this week we're taking a look at my personal favorite of the lightsaber combat styles and that is formed - also called mikoshi the contention form or the way of the ESL Amiri now a big part of the reason I like this form so much is because of one of its more famous practitioners that being Count Dooku but we'll get to him a little later let's start things off at the beginning and how form 2 came to be the most disciplined and elegant of the classical lightsaber combat styles form 2 was developed after the first Jedi fell to the dark side with the emergence of Dark Jedi and the Sith it was suddenly necessary to be able to effectively combat other lightsaber users prior to this there was simply no need for a specialized technique in lightsaber - lightsaber combat in an era where the Jedi openly ward against the Sith mastering Makka she could very literally be a lifesaver form to succeeds with its elegance its emphasis on tight meaningful footwork and its attention to balance a mikoshi duelist fights with mathematical precision advancing or retreating exactly and only when it benefits them gaining positioning advantage over their opponents 1 deliberate step at a time a Jedi using Makka she fights in a far more linear way than most other styles moving along a central line one foot in front of the other must I tell you control my central line there are no backflips or vertical somersaults like in form four nor are there the wide swinging strikes of form one if she'd shown was a blunt instrument then Makka she is a finely honed scalpel able to make deadly and precise strikes with the elegant flick of a wrist we can see just how effective form 2 is as a dueling style in the hands of a true master when we examine Count Dooku's battles on Geonosis here he easily defeats a young obi-wan Kenobi and Anakin Skywalker only to immediately go toe to toe with none other than Yoda the Jedi Master Music form to has some pretty obvious visual cues and picking out a master of mikoshi is not a hard thing to do for one thing it's a single handed style relying on efficient twists of the wrist and body positioning rather than brutal two-handed physical strikes Makka she also has an undeniable flair to it you'll notice that form to practitioners salute their foes ceremonially before a battle foes who are worthy because of their use of a lightsaber as opposed to a more crude non Jedi weapon like a blaster or slug thrower and then there are the lightsabers themselves with some practitioners like Count Dooku utilizing a curved hilt for added precise balance now well form to was vital in the Jedi's various conflicts against the Sith over the years its popularity decreased greatly in times of peace and its use and flowed with the various conflicts between Jedi and Sith over millennia with no fallen Dark Jedi or Sith to contend with on a regular basis the usefulness of Makka Shi waned in Dooku's time for example practitioners of Makka she would have been exceedingly rare as the Sith were thought all but extinct and the style did have some weaknesses even in battle against other lightsaber users for example it was not nearly as effective as form 3 at ranged combat and blaster deflection and the precise almost dainty way mikoshi users hold their weapon could fail against an opponent with superior raw strength and power as we saw in Dooku's final duel with Anakin although untold numbers of Jedi in the distant past mastered the form a few more well-known modern practitioners of Makka XI are Count Dooku his Dark Jedi Protege asajj ventress and Jedi Master syndra League various sources also note that Jedi Master Shaak tea and qui-gon jinn were practitioners as well Count Dooku himself had this to say on Makka she pops and cartwheels are for the rabble account of Sereno doesn't need tricks only a swift demonstration of superiority well guys that's all there is to say on Makka XI for now let me know what you think in the comments is it the ultimate dueling style or an antiquated relic of an obsolete time as always this is calling from Star Wars saying how we'll see you next week and may the force be with you.

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