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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Why Form 5495 Governing

Instructions and Help about Why Form 5495 Governing

Hi I'm Craig and this is crash course government and politics and today we're going to talk about government I know you're thinking Craig we've been talking about government for 13 weeks to that I say you got me but let's talk about actual governing in particular the executive branch tools and strategies that the president uses to try to get things done I mean the president's just one person for now who knows what sort of animal human hybrid will be president in the future but there's a lot of president thing to be done in the United States so we usually just talk about the president as if he's the entire executive branch but obviously there's more to it than that technically the entire federal bureaucracy is part of the executive branch but it's really big and complicated for today let's just look at the top levels the bigwigs the Han greens the head honchos the ones that deal most directly with the president hang green doesn't work for the government at the top of the organizational pyramid is the president of course and I suppose just below him is the vice president ready to break a tie in the Senate or step in if the president dies or go to a shopping mall opening on behalf of the president to paraphrase Truman's desk the buck stops with the president meaning he has the ultimate decision in important matters and therefore takes the blame when they go wrong George W Bush once called himself the decider and there's a lot of truth to that description but many probably most policy decisions are made at lower levels because there are just too many of them for the president to make them all president is served directly by the White House staff which is made up mostly of trusted policy and political advisors called special assistants special assistant I need more coffee other than television versions we don't see much of the White House staff except for the press secretary who's the public spokesperson for the president and maybe the chief of staff can be a public figure as well next in terms of proximity to the president and influence on his decisions is the executive office of the president it's staffed by various advisors and policy experts they're selected by the president and his office rather than by rising through the ranks of government employment or they're chosen for political reasons like many cabinet secretaries officials in the EOP give important advice to the President on specified topics although there are a lot of different departments in the EOP probably the most important are the national security council the Council of Economic Advisors and the Office of Management and Budget the oum the cabinet used to be very important in advising the president and it still can be but that depends on the president some presidents rely a lot on the heads of cabinet departments and usually the Secretary of State and Secretary of Defense play a significant role in the administration especially if there's a lot of foreign policy issues to deal with the cabinet secretaries tend to become prominent when bad things happen for example in the wake of the 2022 financial crisis the Treasury secretary was in the news a lot you sometimes hear a lot about the Attorney General who heads the Justice Department when civil rights issues crop up like same-sex marriage or affirmative action and if there's a terrorist threat you might be seeing a lot more of the Secretary of Homeland Security they're also independent agencies and government corporations which historically speaking are relatively new with the exception of the postal service the Postal Service is one of the oldest functioning government agencies although it's now a government corporation which means it's supposed to earn money be self-funding my fiance's dad works for the Postal Service so postal workers are awesome sir sadly the post office isn't doing that great financially so buy a stamp once in a while send a letter to an old friend or something how else are you going to send it without the post-office Eagle no Amtrak's the other well-known government Corporation and it isn't profitable either how else you gonna get around eagle isn't big enough to take you unless you're Gandalf independent agencies and regulatory commissions appear in the news a lot usually in stories buried in the back pages or whatever the digital equivalent of back pages are your uncle's blog but they're rarely called independent agencies NASA is probably the best-known independent agency because everyone knows space travel is awesome watch crash course astronomy as well as scishow space but for now keep watching government and politics thank you but are there more down-to-earth agencies include the Federal Trade Commission the Securities and Exchange Commission and the Federal Communications Commission it's easy to remember those three are regulatory commissions because they have the word commission built right in so that's helpful and for most of us even if we don't realize it the most important independent federal agency is the Federal Reserve System which manages banking and monetary policy and which will get its own episode later because it's really important and kind of mysterious well I get my own episode later how Craig relates to the government I'm kind of mysterious so that's the structure of the executive branch more or less these agencies are the tools the government has to make policy and to implement it they are the heart and soul of actual governing but they aren't all that fun especially when you look at what strategies the president uses to actually govern political scientists will tell you and I'm not going to argue with them they're scientists they went to college that the president has three main strategies at his disposal party leadership mobilizing public opinion and administrative strategies one of these is much more important than the.

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