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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Why Form 5495 Expiration

Instructions and Help about Why Form 5495 Expiration

Available and all we can do is this is still holding together somewhere in here this is rotating and going to cross over I 16 in just a little bit so this is the one that came over 75 a little bit earlier and as it comes across 16 it'll probably be somewhere jeffersonville to Danville somewhere in that area and then starting to spread kind of going on up into southern Wilkinson maybe extreme northern parts of Lawrence County there and then the last one over here is Macon County and it's I'm looking at these stuff it's moving east at 55 as we were talking about and some damaging winds with that again as we zoom back out you can kind of get an idea that we must have just got up on a time it was 5:15 we'll just drop some warnings right there and kind of see that most everything is kind of south and east of this line now where the heaviest stuff is I'm not saying we can't see something up here north of this but that's where the majority of the action is for now looking for samal clears Upson County is almost completely there bad thing about being one of the western counties is you're the first one to get the storms good thing about being a Western County you get clear before everybody else does so this is already starting to get on out so that little piece here well that'll clear that Monroe County still got some heavy rain with a thunderstorm there nothing rotating right there so that's good news the one that is in Twiggs County is one that we're watching and then of course the one in Macon County here too so again the movement is east 50 to 55 guys in the newsroom do we have any new information from any of these places okay I'll take it Wow Oh structure damage yeah we don't know what this becomes comes from some sort of a building it looks like but you can see how it's just thrown like this fence down let's see if I see it that's not a car is it no is that are you we got water heater in it no it's just I'm just kind of sheet metal right there so yeah I see just a mess here the way this stuff is just thrown all over the place and these are the kind of pictures that we're getting in more and more if you want if you have pictures or anything that you could you want to share them you can do them on the Facebook page there is a great thing that's where most of the stuff gets shared we also have it it's on our website it's your take isn't it that's the thing your take tab your tick tab exactly right and we'll get them on the air and of course only when it's safe to do so just to show you that's still alive out there there's Waynesboro outside of our area heading to South Carolina a new tornado warning there so they're still lighting them up all right the latest warnings that are out there we haven't been mentioning a lot about expiration times but I think I will now since we've only got these two for now which probably will be extended as they march east here but the one that's in the lines keep moving so fast in here I can't remember where it was uh well there's a damage report out of pain city also known as Macon reports of a fallen tree on a house near Payne Bibb County on Morgan Drive that's right over there near vining goal I believe tree on the house there where's that last one here this was the making Schley till 5:30 is that one right yep and also Twiggs County is until 5:30 so either they're gonna have to extend these two or they drop but you know if we had a really good shot while the radar would quit zooming like that it would it would you know to tell us that you know we could see a little bit better with that you might see a little bit of rotation trying to go there and a little bit here that's kind of broad not really screaming out and this right here we can't see anything so we know that it's in Twiggs County we know that it's probably running south of Jeffersonville coming across i-16 whether or not this is still a big dangerous tornado or on the ground or not on the ground we don't have that information same thing as you get into Macon County there but some straight line winds at least and as we've already seen places like Macon you know with the Navis in health windows cracked busted they're in the flagpole taken down and that was not a tornado warned area that was straight line winds more than likely to did that so you don't have to have a tornado warning today that still have some damage with that stuff so again these two right here are the only ones we have and the wild thing today has been coming across Crawford and Peach and then how it went that one of the first ones we saw there into southern bib parts of northern Houston into twigs Wilkinson and kept running in that was the one that we saw with the gate to gate shear right there in the spin around a hundred and seventy five miles per hour now we did see one the one earlier this one when it was back toward the west there they're showing a couplet there I don't know if that was that way the service but at 200 miles per hours so amazing numbers out there today these things have lived up to the billing that it wouldn't.

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