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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Why Form 5495 Estates

Instructions and Help about Why Form 5495 Estates

Greetings thank you very much for joining us today my name is Matthew pill Moron president of VIP financial education and I was just saying moments ago to our special guests how excited I am about today's training it's known as our real estate investing 101 class this class is perfect for somebody that really just wants to understand the ins and outs of real estate investing how to build long-term wealth one house at a time so you really just have to be able to understand that whether you want to own one property or whether you want to own 10 properties it really doesn't matter this is going to be something that you will find valuable also we want it we want to start talking a little bit more in detail about how to apply cash flow stacking in order to expedite your goals now cash flow stacking is something that we addressed very briefly in our 100% debt free for life training if you haven't seen that class yet make sure you check it out it will show you how to own real estate mortgage free and Charles you've seen that class several times so let's go ahead and dive right in and explain what the purpose of this class is and what we get out of it really all we're after is your feedback we're here to pran ongoing curriculum of courses that will help you maximize cash flow and real estate just happens to be a great way to do that right now but we want to know what you think about what you get today and in exchange for that we're going to give you some special gifts so hang out at the end and we'll it will explain exactly what those are but it'll be well worth your time now before we dive in and I introduce our special guest I do want to point out that their company your castle real estate does have an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau we always do a thorough background check and I happen to know today's presenter very well and their exceptional in fact they've created a proprietary software tool that can navigate the best markets on a quarterly basis in the Denver metro area specifically and it is phenomenal as real estate investors you will not find a real estate investment agency that's better than your castle let's go into today's presenter and give you a little background on Charles Roberts Charles Roberts and I have known each other for a very long time now he's the co-owner of your castle real estate in the Denver metro area they have five offices right now with over 360 agents he's owned rental properties for the last 13 years he's done many fix and flips along the way he's a registered agent a registered appraiser he's been in the lending industry for a number of years and he's doing exponentially more deals every year than the typical agent and this is the reason that we set our sights on Charles for teaching today's class because he does specialize in the real estate investing purchasing world and he actually even hosts one of the largest investment conferences here in the Denver area he was a commentator on 6:30 khow we did a lot of radio together about real estate many years ago Charles has been interviewed for numerous big stations here in the Denver area including nine news 7 News Nightline ABC Colorado Public Radio and he is one of 13 directors of the Denver Metro Association of Realtors which has over 5,000 inside that organization so that is not small time you can see why we brought him in to do today's class so you're learning from the best now the reason our curriculum is so compatible with what Charles is going to teach you today is because Charles believes that this hat happens to be a wonderful time to buy and hold cash flowing real estate and we're going to get into that in great detail now Before we jump right in a couple housekeeping details that we must cover the presentation is just for educational purposes so numbers will be estimated conservatively to simplify the training you're going to love everything you get today just like all of our classes the training is not however a substitute for financial investment legal or tax advice it's also not a promotion for either of our products or services it's strictly for educational purposes now for guidance pertaining to your specific situation or the governing laws in your state please do consult with a specialist in your area and we can help guide you in the right direction with that if needed one last thing and one of the gifts that you're going to get from making it all the way to the end of today's training is a free counseling session which is included with today's class in order to help you safely get involved with real estate and Charles and his team has graciously agreed to prthat for you so I will explain how you can take advantage of that when we reach the end of today's training one last item before we dive right in and start discussing a very enjoyable topic you're really going to want to commit your undivided attention to this class it's absolutely needed so make sure you turn off your phones remain distraction-free I recommend taking notes and writing down your questions so that you can get those answered during your individual consultation and there will be several gifts at the end if you're willing to give us your feedback form and that will be electronically pulled up on your screen so you can just go ahead and complete it right there - computer now before you can answer how to get involved in real estate whether you've already purchased investment properties in the.

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