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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Why Form 5495 Copyright

Instructions and Help about Why Form 5495 Copyright

Hey what's going on YouTube it's your boy Corazon here again with another quick solutions well today's solution ain't gonna be really quick it's gonna take some time because I really want trying to get this work you know I mean but uh I'm gonna show y'all how to go ahead and copyright your first song for those that um never copy write a song before or those old-timers that's been the game for a minute but never really copy written a song it could take some time in the first time you know I mean someone should show you how to arm how to get through that so first you wanna open up your browser and you want to type it up here copyright dot gov govt enter alright now when you go there you want to come down here and all you have to do is just hover over these and they all explain what they are different copyrights different things that you will need on copyright back off we just really want to go here for your first time register in the song register a copyright click on that come over here you go login to e Co and here is where you would on type in your login information mines is already pre saved so I'm just gonna login I'll show y'all from my page how to do this you gonna get this work you won't get this work today seeing all the stuff that copy written before there's different ways to copyright but i'ma show you how to do a basic just a regular one song copyright so you go right here and register a new claim click on that and once you're in here now you want to answer these first three question which is going to direct you to what type of copyright you're going to need the first question is are you registering one work one song one poem one illustration etc blah blah blah you can read the rest that basically you know you just register in one song and yes just one song now to do multiple song this gun is gonna cost a little bit more right now for one song is $35 and for multiple sandwiches I think it's up to a hundred and change you know you can look that up in the rules but 100 and something multiple for fifty-five dollars so that's more cost-effective what you have to have all your work ready to be copyrighted Horsham you ready I'll do that too but um here we go so second question are you the only author and owner of the work yes I am does the work you're sending contain material created only by this author yes it is this is just a single work for a single author registration I'm showing you all these questions matter these questions matter all right start registration I'm gonna get this one inside telling you that using the application to file a claim that does not meet all of the criteria below must result in processing delays well may result in processing delays additional fees and later effective date of registration right so he's just basically telling you make sure you answer these questions right and you've read through all these rules that tell you what to do and what not to do I'm not gonna read them for you no I'm not gonna do it all right now what's in here now this is all the list of things you have to do to register a claim so this is the first when you're at type of work so the first thing type of work now you register in one song say you're a musician you register in a song you want a song to go out you wanted to play on radio you know whatever what you would call that is work of Performing Arts click on that and this is just basically telling you what a work of performing art is now click this box to confirm you have read the above description and selected the most appropriate type of work so make sure that you understand this for what you really want to register there's different labels in here but just for the artists that just want to register a song to copyright this is the way to go to work or perform an art click on that and then come up here and click continue now this page give the title exactly as it appears on the work then click continue so you give your song a title so my song is gonna be called sweet this is a true song by the way in the middle you guys could download that on a soundcloud corazon nice wheat in the middle alright so arm type in that then continue now has this work been published now I'm do a different video on publishing but I dude I do my own publishing so I would put I would put yes but for now you can just put no you could publish it later which i'ma show you after this has this workman publishing all year of completion will do 2022 cause me in a new year season and you click continue that's all you need you don't need a pre-registration number right now because the work has not been published every year completion creation is invalid must be here for it they don't want me to live in the future they don't want me to do it continue alright so um here you go the name the author of the work being registered which will be you because you're the author Kareem citizenship will go with United States or domicile all right but we're citizens so we don't need that year of birth local with 1985 click the appropriate box boxes to indicate the author's contribution so what did this author do on.

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