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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Why Form 5495 Copyright

Instructions and Help about Why Form 5495 Copyright

Hey, what's going on YouTube? It's your boy Corazon here again with another quick solution. Well, today's solution isn't gonna be really quick. It's gonna take some time because I really want to try and get this work, you know what I mean? But, uh, I'm gonna show y'all how to go ahead and copyright your first song. For those that have never copyrighted a song before or those old-timers that have been in the game for a minute but never really copyright a song, it could take some time in the first time, you know what I mean? Someone should show you how to arm, how to get through that. So, first, you wanna open up your browser and you want to type in "copyright.gov" and enter. Alright, now when you go there, you want to come down here and all you have to do is just hover over these and they all explain what they are, different copyrights, different things that you will need on copyright, back off. We just really want to go here for your first time register in the song, register a copyright, click on that, come over here, you go login to e Co, and here is where you would on type in your login information. Mine is already pre-saved, so I'm just gonna login. I'll show y'all from my page how to do this, you gonna get this work. You won't get this work today seeing all the stuff that is copyright before. There are different ways to copyright, but I'ma show you how to do a basic, just a regular one song copyright. So you go right here and register a new claim, click on that, and once you're in here, now you want to answer the first three questions which are...