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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Who Form 5495 Website

Instructions and Help about Who Form 5495 Website

It was a guys this is piranha and in this video I'll show you how to get free domain and hosted which means we will have a free website if you're just getting started your small business or if you have some sort of YouTube channel or you wanna experimenting with website so this is video for you guys we're going to create a website in WordPress so WordPress why is WordPress well WordPress is a good source to creating a website without having a knowledge of complicated coding so we're going to create a website on WordPress and we will have a free domain and hosting for one years so let's get started let's have a look all right guys in order to create a free WordPress website we need to get ready two things first one is free hosting and second is free domain name so how do we get that lets open your web browser open WWL calm and to search for hosting er now open this website www.levitt.com open this website as well now we have open two websites from free norm we will get free domain name and from hosting girl we will get free hosting now first go to free norm and here you need to sign in or sign up if you haven't yet as clicked to sign in alright once you sign in go to services or just or a new domain so here you can check availability of your free domain name for example top block now click here check availability so now you can scroll down so as you can see we have only three domain name which is totally free when we scroll down we have some paid domain name all right so in this case we will get free domain name you can select any of them if available so in this case I'm going to select this dot GA I'm going to click here get it now now click checkout now click use DNS use your own DNS now leave this page as it is now go back to hosting your website now click here get started once you click this you will see page something like this now select free plan roll down and click order now click proceed to checkout now you have to create new account or you can login if you already have account so I'm going to create a new account alright once you've done that now click agree now complete order now your order has done now go to home you will see this pending configuration order action require click setup now here you can select your domain type this is subdomain this is domain so make sure you click on domain and type your domain to see your domain name copy this now paste here now you can choose server region create a password click setup now go back to your Gmail account you will see another email from hosting ur now open this now click go to member area now go to hosting your domain name now you are in your dashboard under the account go to details copy this name server and go back to your free gnome website here you have to type your name server and go back to hosting ur and copy this IP address now go back to free gnome and paste here copy-paste here now click continue now fill up the details now click complete order now click here go to your client area now go to services my domain now go to your domain click here manage domain click here management tool click name server as you can see we already set our DNS server which is good now go back to your hosting er go to hosting your domain name now here scroll down and click auto install and scroll down select WordPress and here you can select your language administrator username choose your password website title website tagline and click install now WordPress has successfully installed you can refresh this page now go back to your gmail account we will have this email from hosting girl let's open this up so as you can see we have successfully installed WordPress website this is our username for WordPress you can access your wordpress dashboard by going to this link let's open this link all right now copy this username and paste here because I'm so lazy and type your password now click login alright guys as you can see now we have successfully installed WordPress website and here you can install your theme go to appearance team before we install anything let's check out our website first visit the website open a new tab so this is your default vult press website looks like I'm going to close this so in here go to appearance team under the team you can click add new team now go to popular here you can install anything you like because WordPress has thousands of themes for you guys you can choose latest one if you wish to in this case I'm going to install this theme now I'm going to click this will show me the preview of this theme I'll click install some time it's say update fail but dal-rae that go back to your wordpress dashboard wait for couple of second now go back to appearance theme so as you can see you have this theme installed all right now click to activate it all right let's see your website your website now looks like this you can create a post go to post now click add new you can name your post title my first post all right now click publish let's go back to your website let's see how it looks like now so as you can see you have your post for more customization for your full press website you can find advanced or beginner tutorials on YouTube.

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