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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Who Form 5495 Survey

Instructions and Help about Who Form 5495 Survey

So in this video we're going to look how to cross analyze answers to surveys and this is a survey that I've used in the past and the first thing to do when you finished you're serving your collected or your sponsors is to stop people from adding additional responses so in the Google Forms you open up your survey gives responses and just press that little button there and you will then be in a position to start analyzing to open up the data it's in the plane information is in this responses tab so we can scroll down and we can see you've got some nice charts and those are charts that just look at one particular question but if we want to cross analyze our information like we want to find out what particular drinks people that like kabobs like drink this doesn't show us so we need to do some analysis so to get hold of all the data we press on this little green button at the top of the cross in it and usually the first time you run that it'll ask you to create a spreadsheet once you've created your spreadsheet once it'll just go straight to it okay so this is our spreadsheet and here we've got 24 lines so we were heading that's 23 responses now let's have a look at some of this information so we've got our agendas we've got our drinks we've got our food options with the particular drinks option notice that people could select more than one and if we go along these are the answers to what's other music people like so let's look at two bits of information so if I was interested let's say in the food that people like and what music if they agree that they perhaps like opera let's have a look at those two so if I highlight these two columns just so we can identify what they are so you're here just highlight particular color and then if we go to top and click on there it will give us the full title so this one's about the opera and that one is about classical music let's try the opera so we'll highlight this as well in yellow and I'm just doing this so we can easily identify later okay so what I'm going to do is look at the foods and the options for opera which will strongly agree agree disagree strongly disagree and we're going to put them in a table to make a nice little chart so let's put our options in so I'm going to put in here Chinese give AB visa let Donald's and Indian okay I'll end it here we'll put wrongly agree agree disagree hungry disagree okay it's important you put them in the same order that they would be in like a table of preference because it will show in the chart that will be next to that and so you'll have strongly disagree on one side and strongly agree on the other okay so here what we need to now do is add up the total number of people that said strongly agree to opera and also said that they wanted to eat Chinese okay so the way we do that is to use a formula called count if so it's called countifs because we're going to check multiple criteria at the same time so when we type that in we open brackets and then we're going to select one particular area so I'm going to select all of these options missing out the top line which is the label and then I'm going to put a comma in and then this is what we're going to check for so I'm going to check for Chinese because I'm going to count the number of times the Chinese has been put in so if I press the Enter key it now comes up with 8 to tell me that there's eight times the Chinese has been selected now we also need to check for strongly agree so if I double click back on there it will bring the formula back up and now I go to the end of putting of a comma in and in this section just here I'm then going to highlight the other area where we've got about the music okay and then we put another comma in and this is our criteria and the criteria for this one is strongly agree and if I press the Enter key it's come up so two people strongly very bit like opera and they ate Chinese now because this is spreadsheet we don't have to go into each cell and type in the formula every time what we're going to do is drag across and then drag down as well now there is a little bit of a problem because when we drag across it's going to go from this cell Chinese it's going to go to the next cell and there is nothing in the cell so we need to tell it to fix the ranges so you go to the first range is e2 to e 24 and you press the f4 key and you'll see that those dollars go in before the letter before the number if f4 doesn't work for you just put the dollars in before the letters and for the numbers and the same with this of a range here press s4 there and it fixes the Opera range and then he AC says B 27 which is this row and just there so this cell with Chinese in it we want this to be able to go down but we don't want it to go across so to fix it in this particular column we're going to put a dollar before the B and here where we've got strongly agree and then agree we don't want it to go down.

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