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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Who Form 5495 Subsequent

Instructions and Help about Who Form 5495 Subsequent

Okay so this video will be about conditional questions so let me explain you what I mean we have this Google Form and we have this first section that's gonna ask the user for their email their name for their zip code and then we have the second section with some technical questions I guess and then we have these comments so I'm gonna move this comments to a separate section I'm gonna go on the right here and I'm going to just simply duplicate this technical questions section and this is fine so we want to remove this comments then from this third one we don't want this one and we also don't want this so we just want comments okay so that's our new forum so now what I want to do I want to have another section here on top before the main section and this technical questions section and that's simply going to ask the user today use spreadsheet so let's add a new section and we're going to move and this is the last one we're going to move that over here it's save so we need to move this comments box to our notes that's our section 4 then we have this spreadsheet application and then finally we have this new section let's name this overview now we're gonna add a question to this section by hitting this + and the question is going to be do you use spreadsheets and see how smart it is it gives you suggestion to do yes no maybe as option you could obviously go here and type those but I'm just gonna use that to my advantage yes no and I'm gonna remove this maybe option which is the last one okay so now we have this yes and no now what I want to happen if somebody clicks no I don't want them to answer this second questions about their favorite spreadsheet and which stretch cheat application that I use because they already said they don't use spreadsheet right so if they click yes that I do want them to answer these questions so I have this conditional logic if you click yes it should go here if you click no it should skip this technical questions and go to section 4 so to do this I'm gonna go to this section and in this section I'm gonna click here in this corner and then do this go to section based on answer and see if they answer yes then I'm going to send them to the next section the next section is well the next one this one that's good if they answer no I'm gonna have to skip the next section which is gonna be technical questions and I'm gonna send them to notes now obviously instead of saying next question I could have also just said send it to technical questions that's also fine I guess that's what I'm gonna do if you do yes it's gonna send them to technical questions otherwise we're gonna send them to notes if they answer no in this section now one thing to note here is that if you didn't have any other questions and let's say if they answer no we don't want them to answer technical questions and we also don't want them to enter notes so basically they're done with the form so in that case you could just say instead of go to section 4 just say submit form and that would be the last step for this user but for me I do want them to add notes so that's gonna be this let's take a look preview ah you've already responded I limited this to one response so I'm gonna have to disable that so we can test this preview here we go this is our first step so some email name zip code hit next this takes us to this it says to use spreadsheets I'm gonna say no hit next and see jumped over that entire section now comments no comment I'm gonna hit submit and response went through now it's interesting to note here if you remember that for this technical questions section we did make these questions required but because we're skipping that section it's gonna let it go through even though you mark it as required now I'm gonna do this again I'm gonna close this now let's try to answer yes and see what happens I go here email zip code to use spreadsheets yes next and now we have our technical questions so we can answer our questions next and submit there it is so as you can see it's pretty easy all you have to do is just create multiple sections and then what you want to do you want to have multi choice type a question and once you do that go here and then choose go to section based on answer and then based on that just choose wherever you want the person to go depending on the answer so from all of these different choices for question boxes there are only two that will support this conditional way to move through your sections and that's going to be either multiple choice or drop-down you can do the same thing with a drop-down so if I do drop-down then I'll be able to do this suit see any other type will not support it so for example if I do a checkbox here if I try see there is no option for me to move conditionally to different sections and that's pretty much it thanks for watching please subscribe and I'll see in the next video.

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