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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Who Form 5495 Select

Instructions and Help about Who Form 5495 Select

Hey this is Jeff from Georgia fire rescue's well let's talk about carabiners just for a moment that may be used in the emergency escape as a structural fire fire or in a bailout top scenario this is just a personal experience that I want you to understand in case something that might be useful for your own self years ago I took a fall a personal escape device what it was I was using screw gate type of carabiners where you actually screw the gate up to lock it and my kid if the Caribbean was always attached to my harness but the descent device in a robe always stayed in a pack and it was doing a practice under obscured vision and this is kind of how it went down that day of how I had an accident and didn't take a fall and you may want to consider using something that a screw gate carabiner because of of this of what kind of happened was without your vision syndrome was put into the carabiner and then when it comes time to lock the carabiner when the spear vision I was stomping it with my structural gloves on and as you can see now the gate is not locked at all and as I rolled out of the window is it loaded into it it was enough of a load into device it's separated and when it's separated of course I was into a freefall at that point but I under scared vision was not able to tell of the orientation of the gate and in the carabiner that's something that I just wanted you to think about enough for your own personal himself if I was trying to recommend the day what type of carabiner for personal escape I would consider something such as this smc kinetic series of carabiner the difference is that this has an auto locking gate on when I let go of the gate is locked in the place automatically so if we would have read if this was connected to my harness and I had a descent device it was connected in here when I look to it is luck and it's in place and I would consider an auto locking carabiner gate is such a system from smc and the kinetic choose probably be a better choice than the traditional screw gate type caravaners that we grew up on for many decades here in the fire service this is still a good carabiner but probably not the best personal escape and a top situation this particular carabiner is with aluminum with the NFPA compliant and we do sell these at Georgia Fire Rescue supply we and usually have them in stock here in our store and you also get them online at our website Georgia fire rescue net or join to fire rescue com either one but it's just a little personal experience that may make a difference for you if you're building your own kits ok any questions it's good call numbers on the screen and our website is also here on the screen will talk to you later and thanks for watching the video you.

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