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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Who Form 5495 Representative

Instructions and Help about Who Form 5495 Representative

Music the Honorable the speaker on my tea garden we give thanks to you the creator of the universe and humbly beseech you to direct and prosper the deliberations of the members of this saucy assembled for the advancement of your glory and the trust and wealth you have the people of trinidad and tobago granted peace and happiness truth and justice may be established among us for all generations amen I mean namaste announcements by the speaker honorable members the Honorable Kamla Prasad visesa SCMP member for superior the Honorable Camille Robinson Regis MP member followkim Maloney and mrs. Vidya gaya Dean goopy Singh MP member for Oh put us have requested leave of absence from today's sitting of the house the leave which the members seek is granted those brought from the Senate petitions papers minister of national security madam Speaker I have the honor to lead the following peoples the administrative reports of the ministry of national security for the periods of Tobit 2022 the September 2022 and October 2022 to September 2022 thank you madam Speaker leader of the house thank you very much madam Speaker Boehner Speaker I have the honor to lead the following papers the ministerial response of the Ministry of Finance to the interim report of the Public Administration Appropriations Committee on the examination into the processing of payment of pension and gratuity to retire public officers and contracted employees the ministerial response of the Ministry of Finance to the 14th report of the Public Accounts enterprises committee into the examination of the audited accounts balance sheet and other financial statements of the National Commission for self l limited for the financial year 2022 to 2022 the second ministerial response of the Ministry of the Attorney General and legal affairs to the 17th report of the Public Accounts Committee on the examination of the audited financial statements of the Trinidad and Tobago Bureau standards for the financial year 2009-2022 thank you very much madam Speaker reports from committees remember from ero Thank You Raj madam Speaker madam Speaker I have the honor to present the 50 report of the Joint Select Committee on land and physical infrastructure on an inquiry into the state of the agriculture and fisheries industry in Tobago with specific focus on the levels of participation in the industries and the output of farmers remember for me our thank you madam Speaker question number one - the minister of national security given the warning of a harsh dry season by the Toronto big metallurgical services and the already high presence of bushfires could the minister indicate when will the fire tenders or the mayor and Rio Claro fire stations be properly functioning minister of national security madam Speaker I must register my disappointment with my friend from my yaaru having seen this full surface in a statement from him to the media yes reported in yesterday's newspaper when I did an inquiry and a check there was no correspondence from him previously to identify a service or myself asking for the answer so now in a pub full public glare I will answer there is in fact a working application in my Yahoo station and the rio claro fire stations appliance is working there's an issue with the pump which will be repaired over the course of this weekend of course we will require we will remember the mayara fire station and it's unfortunate genesis with a falling sign upon the opening during a certain period thank you madam Speaker um Minister are you aware that the tender in Rio Claro the engine in that vessel is known for and that vehicle is not functioning so many staff national security madam madam Speaker as I've just indicated according to the chief fire officer who is not the member for my yaru the fire tender in my ro is working if I attend in Rio Claro is working safer pump which has nothing to do with the engine as just indicated by the member from aro member finnoppe Remo madam Speaker to the minister of foreign and CARICOM Affairs Kedah minister state how soon CARICOM expects to bring the parties to the negotiating table and whether this position is still relevant given that president Nicolas Maduro has said that he will not hold new elections and that mr. one Guido has been barred by the Venezuelan courts from leaving Venezuela mr. foreigner yes madam Speaker considering that my colleagues on the other side spent all their time trying to undermine the national initiative with respect to finding mediation as a replacement for intervention I'm surprised that he can come here now and asking me about how soon parties will be brought to the table how come is madam Speaker could you just remember the prime minister must be here Prime Minister - pika-pi recomm is in no position to bring anybody to the table and therefore I will not attempt to answer any question and give an edict to allow him to spin any wheel about he did has passed what is happening where a speaker has been made public across the region at the UN and here in Toronto bingo that CARICOM has initiated diplomatic interventions to put an alternative to the situation whereby mediation is being offered meaningful dialogue and negotiations are to follow a madam Speaker as a result of our initiative other countries who have taken the non interventionist position countries that have up steam from taking sides - pika those countries are now in a position to have accepted the initiative and in the very near future more definitive information would be available with respect to the initiatives of Uruguay Mexico and CARICOM madam Speaker I object to the Prime Minister in puttin in improper motives to the UNC and here's the question what is Prime Minister I'll ask you to please withdraw I would join us didn't matter speaker thank you ma'am.

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