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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Who Form 5495 Refund

Instructions and Help about Who Form 5495 Refund

Hey what if young with all right y'all this is Jesus were white hair and you know what it is it is the black ink crew I am back I am so happy to do this review again oh my god this is such like wow I'm just wondering when when ye gonna back what's going car makers are advised love my black ink whippings what's gonna come back job is here okay did you watch black ink did you saw it what you talked about writing I let's see when will you wear your thoughts I want to know drop it down below if you come by this video please subscribe please subscribe please share this video pair to please like right like this video please comment please share this video please and most important please subscribe hit that squad button if come across the video don't leave here and don't hit the subscribe button don't leave here to not hit that like button don't leave here to put our comment down below and tell me which number is up so don't be watch this video and just leave and don't leave nothing now come on now come on so let's get into this we feel come on man let's get to it now so much shit went down so much stuff been going on okay and we feel like we picked up where we left off yeah basically so what can I get okay let's get start with Miss Puma okay let's get to Miss Puma okay and it was her name Kwanzaa that's an is a Kwanzaa pull my wife or whatever this is together that you know this is walking whoever and they felt closet feels like she still felt like she's all threatened by Caesar hands well I guess it's fun whoever who who came to our house she feels like she's still threatened and feel like she in danger so she tells come on listen this ain't good for her family like our owner who's going shopping at our door but I learned to Atlanta me and my daughter I don't know if you want to roll with us well I wonder what's going to do but we leaving because we feel like we threads and we in danger girl em take something when she told when when she said she still feel like she's in danger and threatens let me tell you guys um Cesar and his boys or whoever who he is with anything about your ass he not even thinking about Puma anything about shoe anything about that kid okay you making this a whole big deal a whole big deal okay I don't know if you watched last season or whoever I don't know if you care to watch it but you still feel like you in like have to say you ain't days you better move you got you off this eula let girl get yourself and sit down see I used to like you but now I don't like you because you're doing sue the fucking much okay you're doing so dear much okay and you really pissing me off you're really working on my nerves okay do you have to do all that I feel like I'm endangered me this engine for me and my child see our film are like what's my gels are like really come on you I make excuse main up with my Kwanza Alicia such as elsewhere okay cuz you're making me fucking Punk okay it's too damn hot but I don't like you you you and they should have a seat okay I need you have a fucking seat police because you work on my nerves in home puma you still throw some damn talk away about Caesar and artists going on you the one who started bullshit first Cesar did not did nothing to you since I was trying to come over and hand some shit out but no you took it to the hole to the left season was not trying to get on you and your family okay and you what the bleep I guess you haven't seen last season because you feel like Caesars call out to you all these fun if I can do is trying to rebuild a relationship between you guys he's not there to fight you he's not there to start nothing with you he just want to be friends and be a family with you again but no you you all over the damn plagues acting like a monkey and acting like a damn fool like pull my knee should sit down somewhere I need you to sit down and like yeah I'm not feeling Kwanzaa cuz she doing too fucking much I'm not feeling blue mom okay wait chicken ass so okay next Chrissy and her new arm it's a fiancee girlfriend and they married oh ok anyway Oh Chrissy I've got that Gerard lil girlfriend and y'all talking LOL no they still see guys that are holding strong together still walking each other and all their next Teddy ain't shy they still together ok and shy love steady tell us up so together and Cecil said that had he never been in a relationship before amen so this is his first relationship he not been a relation in high school with he not been and we're in a way like shipping cars out if you went to college or not that's not not my business though but he said you've never been in a relationship with a girl before pharrell okay I just hope it works out let's see my you're gonna fuck up okay you seem like you want to fuck up why I said that y'all let me tell you something when that girl this was further down episode so you know the girl came I guess when was she in jail after what she was coming.

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