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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Who Form 5495 Referral

Instructions and Help about Who Form 5495 Referral

Hey everybody I'm Zack and I'm Jesse and you're watching Tesla time news episode 124 on now you know Music as always we're sponsored by our wonderful patreon and were sponsored by the Schaumburg Illinois Fairfield Inn & Suites by Marriott now why this particular Marriott remember it's the one that's solar-powered of course and has EB charging and I went there and everyone's super friendly and awesome alright so some big news that came out that affects us for sure is the end of the referral program Fred from Electric tweeted out the current round was supposed to run until March 11th so it's ending for good not just this round Nealon said yes it's ending on February 1st it's adding too much cost to the cars especially model 3 now Emmett Spiegel said will there be another referral program elan says no the whole referral incentive system will end must order before February 1st so that means that first of all there's only a week and a half or so for you to order your model 3 or s or X using someone's referral code and just putting a plug in here we're giving rides in the Roadster right and we're still giving out our code now this is um this is crazy this has never happened before we've we've had our code out there for people to use and for us to go visit you in a roadster if you use our code that is now ending now a lot of people are saying Zach and Jesse it's you guys that ruined it yeah ruined the referral programs you have youtubers youtubers getting all these free roadsters yeah so people are putting the blame you know on us right so I mean if we take a look here at the top 10 you can see your names on the list you're you're in the top 10 you know I'm gonna clear something up just what if you scroll down just one more uh-huh look whose name is there hey that's me yeah so actually hmm just to be back sure will actually factually add up those two lines and you get to Wow that's well over 300 people wait a minute that means together collectively we're number one in the world yeah we've referred more people to get a Tesla than anybody that we know of in the world I mean that's over 300 people that have used our referral code that we're gonna go meet in a roadster and I want to point out something we could have stopped at 55 right because you needed five initial ones and then to open the program and then 50 to get you to a free roadster we could have just stopped and we're gonna visit 50 people that's the end we didn't do that why we want to share this experience with as many people as possible so we're gonna go out and we're gonna be visiting three over 300 people with this roadster we also earned a European roadster we have to visit all of those people in Europe right we tried to do our best to get out there as much as possible and it's about visibility when people are going to be posting these videos of you going to 60 in 1.9 seconds on Facebook people are gonna go what the heck was that and I do want to point out putting it on your feed for instance on your Instagram on your Facebook is gonna get out to all of your friends and you'll start conversations that are different than any other kind of conversation because they're gonna ask you specific questions like oh my god what was that like being in the car right and you'll be able to tell them that is hugely important because that is starting a whole new branch of communications that never would have happened so I'm gonna pause it a little a little thought into it here without nugget I think that the referral program really lost a lot of its luster as soon as they got rid of the $1,000 off and free super charging for life I think that once that perk went away for buyers for people buying the car there was not much incentive for people to actually use a referral code and it kind of just became you know what are the added incentives that a referrer could give out so right in our case we'll visit you in a roadster if you use someone else's code you probably won't get a visit in the Roadster right no that's a really good point because what they should have done in my opinion is morphed the program to meet the needs of both parties right like let's say I'm showing you off my new model 3 right and I'm trying to get you excited I could say hey and by the way if you use my referral code you'll get this great well giving six months of free super charging okay it sounds nice but let's be honest where you just got a car are you able to use full six months of free super charging I mean technically but I did buy it in December which means that by June it'll be gone and so all of those road trips that I have planned for July and August well I'm gonna be paying for right and so it's not that big a thing they should have given out away something that really made a difference to most people now it doesn't have to be something that cost a lot of money and did had some good ideas for instance he was giving away the ability to put something into a time capsule that'll go off into space right like really cool me that's something you can't buy right you can't you can't go to hardly any company and be like.

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