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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Who Form 5495 Priorities

Instructions and Help about Who Form 5495 Priorities

Everybody welcome to the process I'm Chris and that's Jose and what are we talking about today Jose today we're going to be talking about continuing our user experience series and I want to show you guys how to prioritize the user profiles with the needs from the users how to prioritize that and how to merge it with the goals of the business and how to come up with features and functionality based on those two things so full disclosure I have no idea what Jose's gonna do so stick around to find out let me try this again I want you guys to listen to me yeah I designed sandwiches my name is Jose car yet and I talk about the business of this day which is I talk about a lot of stuff my name is Christo and I talk about the business of design at the center of this operating systems about understand was it can we just tell them what the show tato is I hate you dude you are watching the process yeah alright welcome back so today what are we doing today maestro alright so if you remember what we did in the last episode here's where we are at I'm going to give you a recap if we bring up my screen we did up here we go so this is where we're at so the brand attributes are done the user profiles are done the goals are done for oles which is a real client a real client of blinds and we did the site audit in our previous in our previous episode those three things at the beginning are what we know as core the school's core then we did the site audit we reviewed the user needs together and we created user stories so we're about to do a site map everybody wants to know how do i do wireframes in site map how do we start building this site that's what we want to know not yet big in the middle weight but there's not more ok before you can do all that stuff you got to figure out what is the structure of the site and what is the content for the site otherwise what do you do how do you decide so I want to share with you some of the tools and some of the things that I do to do it and these are a few of many tools that information architects or UX designers use to do this so today we're going to be doing a features prioritization exercise that is really a features definition exercise for the site that's based on three things well I'm actually going to talk about real quick things is going to have that is going to help little user experience great user experience is about helping the users find what they need faster by reducing the time between what you see the comprehension and what you do in this case for oles what do we want people do Chris book a trip book a trip so we have specific intentions for each customer profile so you you do something called you know a intentional user experience you want to guide your user to what they want to do and make it in a way that delights them that they feel amazing about now how many of you are familiar with the proto principle Chris you know what that is I have no idea what it is tell me more 8020 rule oh okay I know the 80/20 what's today 8020 rule 80% of your revenue comes 20% of your effort exactly or your clients so one of the biggest challenges and you know tell me if this is the case the client wants everything they want all the features look at my competitors they have all this stuff why don't we do all this and you're like eh because they don't have the budget B because it might take six seven months we want to really do something that focuses and prioritizes so I'm going to show you how to do that based on our process we've done so far so in the user stories we did this we figured out how to go our user find out so that's awareness what makes them engage engagement and in the case scenario of a startup or of something that you buy online like what we might do it is conversion so the ultimate form of engagement is when you pay for it what makes this person return to the site which is retention to retail why does he recommend the site so that's a referral and then why does he purchase you know make a purchase which is revenue so that's the end in our user story you know he says why did he purchase he purchased because we delivered on his expectations we gave him what he wanted he knows what the trip is gonna be so here's a user story that we came up with okay so recap he finds out because he was invited by a friend he signed up for the newsletter okay he gets a Farmers Almanac email style like hey here's what's going on this season he clicks on bucket trip he wants to see what more information there is then he's engaged by the exclusive pictures he registers to see more pictures he puts in his name in his email it's really easy he's already given us his on the registration is just name an email he lands out of pages says welcome welcome Joe now he sees what makes in return is that he sees plan your next trip he uses that tool he puts in dates for the trip census itinerary to five friends to friends responded they can make it so then he proceeds to book the trip for selected dates which is going to the revenue.

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