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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Who Form 5495 Opinions

Instructions and Help about Who Form 5495 Opinions

Hi this is Robin Sharma author of the leader read no title founder of the Titan Academy and welcome to this episode of the mastery sessions well this episode is called how to fearlessly speak your opinions a lot of people ask me when I meet them at a live event or maybe it's online Robin I want to speak my truth but something prevents me from doing it maybe it's up the office maybe it's in your intimate relationship maybe it's with your family I don't know where it is for you but I wanted to make sure I offered you some valuable insights to help you speak your truth even when your voice shakes because ultimately one of the ways that we can develop self-respect and one of the ways that you can build self-worth is speaking your opinion and sharing what's important to you and putting a voice to what you need to say even if people don't understand you or even if people don't like it I think it was dr. Seuss who said you know speaketh entacle e be real be yourself share your opinions and here was his line because those who matter don't mind and those who mind don't matter and there's a lot of wisdom if you wanted to deconstruct that idea of dr. Seuss it's pretty powerful because ultimately I believe you can say whatever you need to say so long as you say it with respect and so if it's with your intimate partner and there's something that's bothering you but you want to say it first of all when you say it it's like you release a pressure valve you know what most people do in any relationship they swallow what they need to say even though it's incredibly important to them and here's what that does in your professional relationships and in your personal relationships every time you swallow something you know you needed to say so that you're clear it builds up it builds up emotionally it builds up psychically and it eventually that pressure builds up and eventually it will come out in conflict it happens up the office there's a teammate and you don't say something like here's what bothers me or here's what I need to say we're here was my opinion over time the wound will fester and it will damage the relationship and I've seen it so often in home relationships and personal relationships a little thing that could have been handled you know I like I didn't like the way that you said that to me or I wanted to go to do this on the weekend but you wanted to do that and I really didn't feel heard and rather than just saying it because most of us don't know how to say it they don't teach us how to communicate at world-class in school we swallow it because human beings don't like conflict because we're a tribal and I don't want to get into you know the the neuroscience and the psychology of tribalism but we're tribal that's how we survived thousands of years ago and so now we do have an instinct hardwired into us not to have conflict because we want to fit into the tribe to survive but if you don't speak your truth when you know you Sneed to share your opinion well you swallow the words you swallow the emotions and here's what it does it not only then damages the work relationship or the personal relationship here's the powerful insight it damages your relationship with yourself and I think in many ways all lack of success and creativity and productivity in someone's life comes down to a lack of self-worth one of the best things you can learn how to do is learn how to honor yourself learn how to build self-worth learn how to build self-respect learn how to build self-love and one of the best ways to do that is to speak your truth even when the fire is on and so how do you do it it's like any other skill you practice it so you look for opportunities every day at work or at home where you want to say something and then you start paying some attention because as you know with awareness you'll make better choices and with better choices you'll make better results it's my three-step success formula you write about it in your journal so you can really build awareness around it with better awareness step 1 you'll start making better choices and what better choices of course you're gonna see better results so the greatest women and men of the world all built high awareness of what they wanted to improve and where they were weak and so start thinking about where am i swallowing my truth where am I not sharing my opinions what contexts or what situations do I do this and that's gonna build some awareness as you become more aware you're gonna start catching yourself in the moment and you say then you can say you know what I mean I have power I have choice and I'm not going to do this anymore and you start to speak up and there's a brain tattoo that has been so helpful to me in my own life and with the work I do with members of the fortune 500 and sports superstars and people who come to my live events like personal mastery Academy and the 4-day flagship event I do the Titans summit which has become one of the highest level events in the world for Empire builders but when I work with these heroes of business and these leaders of humanity here's one of the things I remind them you can say whatever you want so long as you say it with respect don't swallow your words if you're in a restaurant and the service is mediocre you're.

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