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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Who Form 5495 Limitation

Instructions and Help about Who Form 5495 Limitation

In this video we're going to work through a practice problem on the limiting reactant and excess reactant this problem is pretty straight forward so if you're just starting out learning limiting reactant this is a great place to begin we're going to use this equation to answer the following questions what is the greatest amount of MgO magnesium oxide in moles that can be made with 7.8 moles of Mg magnesium and 4.7 moles of o2 oxygen which is a limiting reactant which reactant is an excess and how many moles of it are left over so this problem is all about moles how many moles of this do we have how many moles of this can we make so I want to put this information about the number of moles that we have I want to put this front and center all right we have 7.8 moles of magnesium and 4.7 moles of oxygen this is what we're starting with we're going to keep referring back to this information through the whole problem okay so we want to find the greatest amount of magnesium oxide that we can make with this amount of magnesium and this amount of oxygen in order to do that we've got to figure out which of these two things is the limiting reactant is it magnesium or is it oxygen to figure out which of these is a limiting reactant we're going to ask a few questions okay first we're going to ask to use all of the magnesium how many moles of oxygen do we need then we'll kind of ask the reverse well flip it around and we'll ask to use all of the oxygen how many moles of magnesium do we need well look at the answers from these two...