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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Who Form 5495 Judicial

Instructions and Help about Who Form 5495 Judicial

Thank You Chief Justice Roberts so now we come to the question and answer period of our afternoon and so here's here's what how I thought we would do it since there are six of you I think I'm not going to ask all of you to respond to each one of these questions but I might pose a question and ask one or two of you to respond and if others of you want to jump in because you find it particularly interesting enticing to answer this question please jump in I'm gonna cover sort of three rough areas and then we're gonna have a lightning round and so the three areas are sort of your legal education and your then the next is your professional development and then life on the court and then the lightning round is you know what I hope will be fun facts okay so we're gonna start as as as we should with question one so question good idea Applause so here's question one so there are many one ELLs in the audience and many people who were one else in including all of you so what was one l-like for you did you like it how did you feel about being called on Socratic method any thoughts right so Justice Kennedy well law professors say we teach you how to think my wife was a third grade teacher we teach and she seems to be bad a thing the law school law school teaches you to think about ordinary things in a formal way and after two weeks of contracts I went down to of Cambridge Square and Harvard Square and it said apples ten cents so I gave the guy a diamond took two apples and he said no no I said we said apples he said are you a law school Laughter Applause sounds like textualism to me thank you Thank You Justice Kennedy justice course it's you you were you were most recently a 1l of any of us on the stage in sitting here today brings back memories of the first day of one out I don't know whether it's still done but the Dean addressed the first year class in this very room and it's still done still done at Dean Borg at the time followed by Dean Clark who served when I was lost and I remember that that day very vividly right now and it's amazing how quickly the years pass I was scared to death Laughter and how long did that stay with you Laughter anyway anyone else have memories of 1l I got called on my very first class I was the first person in my section who was called on by Abe Shea's who raked me over the coals and of course I came out and I thought oh my gosh I was terrible and now everybody knows I'm terrible but it was the best thing that happens to me because it just got got it over with quickly that feeling of leg ok the worst has happened and now I can sit back and and and and relax a little bit no I won't be cold on in that class at least for a few days but most they just feel as as though you know there was there was nothing to dread anymore and and were you right ok I'm going to move on to the second I'm gonna move on to question 2 so I hope I hope this is not a compound question was there a professor or a course at Harvard Law School that you particularly loved or that you found particularly inspirational Justice Breyer legal process al sacks there it is I mean people say that you want to know what a justice of our court thinks it's ask whose professors work I found in that course that's the way it is and what if I changed my mind since never was it was it the course or the professor or boy it's the course and and it is it is the course the reason elaboration on the common law side the reasonable legislator or a construct on the interpretive side and there it is I mean and I have to list as a as a professor combined with course Jack Dawson contracts great course hey chase was pretty good he gave me the best question I ever asked in class what is okay my antique us class I think I was teaching I got mud he had his daughter when she was seven and the Chloe came into the back of the class is pretty big class so we were preparing for the exam and yes you know some questions they might be on the exam he might not and finally I said bow what was it was a case involving restraints and alienation I think from 1782 and I said what was the ER that was decided of course nobody knew I said you're not you're prepared for class and you don't know what year that case was decided by God that's an easy question a child of seven could answer that question is there a child of seven here Chloe are the child of 1782 and I left the class there we are that was Law School in those days I mean anything good can I just say who my favorite professor was it was my antitrust professor because you just heard from him well I had professor Henry Hart in the quad at 12 o'clock we call the darkness at noon that's he was a he was a very popular professor but very difficult he say and now that principal no that can't be and we sit waiting mr. chief justice well contracts was my favorite course because filleryd taught it oh and he was my favorite professor he was a master of the Socratic method not in the way you.

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