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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Irs Form 5495

Instructions and Help about Who Form 5495 Filing

Music - agar apni 2022 a preparation guru at EC Test series of Khalifa the money ready how do four g.com pitch ie by test series as a clicky J or your halfway up Co sale force if 500 rupees my egg battery test series maan jayegi 20 says the other offline test training game 4000 says the other M securing it or test K difficulty just a neat maritime versa here Agra Dulce test series saya deprives me up ko wouldn't say double test spinning it or yes ABI full testing a yawn yup con need calibration pick them 100% ho jayega so in this video there's some news which I'd like to share with all of you students now as you all know a few years ago the NEET ranks and needs course they were given in percentage whereas now as you all should expect the score is given in percentile now before we move ahead first we should understand what the difference between percentage and % and is now percentage is simply the number of marks you get upon the total marks in 200 so it shows how many marks you have scored out of hundred whereas percentile is different from percentage % ensures the number of students who have scored less than you that means if you have 99 percentile that means 99% of students have scored less marks than you now as you should expect percentile score is usually more inflated than percentage if a student has 50 percentage in the net examination his percentile would actually be more than 50% so now in regarding this big change which was made in the new Tech's amination an important file was created and it was placed in MCI headquarters now regarding this file recently there was a right to information RTI to get the related information on this file which was created a few years ago this student wanted information on the various rules which were implemented internet examination and wanted to know why this change from percentage to percentile was introduced now from there it came to know that this file is not traceable the final conclusion of the RTI says that the file is not traceable and now what it seems to the student and what it seems to other news reporters is that this is a case of a scam and their file has been intentionally misplaced due to this we cannot understand why this new law was implemented and also we cannot understand why this change was made for a percentage to percentile now what this website says this website is the wire dot in this website says is this change from percentage to % L was introduced so that students who have low marks but who have more money than other students who are well-to-do with their money they can afford to wait admissions in management quota and attend arakata through the use of this percentile system so that is was this article says and that's what I wanted to share with you it says that this is a big scam which is for all the students who are well-to-do from rich families from affluent families who can afford high amount of money high amount of fees so that they can take admission on the basis of percenter whereas in case of percentage these students would not be able to take admission as the percentage would be quite low so that's what I wanted to share with you in this video and we learn in this video over here if you like this video and want to see more videos like this please to press the subscribe button which is given below thank you.

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