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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Who Form 5495 Comments

Instructions and Help about Who Form 5495 Comments

Hey glam fam is Elina say hi and Lynnwood here and today we're gonna be showing you a really cute pretty simple kid style you can slightly modify if you can't cornrow but the rest of its really pretty easy so we're just gonna dive right in and let's get started right so this hair has been freshly Co washed and I'm just gonna go ahead and lightly miss with water because it dried some while we were setting up I don't need it to be soaking wet but I do want it to be damp it just kind of helps out we detangling the hair some so from there I'm gonna go ahead I'm gonna part this hair down the center alright so what I'm gonna do from here is I'm just gonna follow the tip of the ear and I'm gonna rotate back so that same angle is falling out I'm gonna rotate back through the crown of the head so don't come straight up we don't want to do one of these numbers we actually want to rotate back from the top of the ear so I'm just gonna go ahead and part off on the top of the ear right on through the center of that crown we're gonna do the same thing on the opposite side alright you guys so once we've done that we're just gonna part from the center right on continuing down the back so once you've part of this hair down the center you're gonna go ahead and pin off the side miss with a bit of water and we're gonna add one pump of leaving conditioner you're gonna go ahead and massage that through and take a soft brush and you'll brush through it some as well gonna put a very small amount of gel around the border for that soft bristle brush we're just gonna brush it to smooth it and then we're gonna ponytail this section now what we'll do with this is from there we're gonna go ahead and go about an inch to an inch and a half down or ponytail it again and then we'll puff the hair out once we have done that we've got a pretty simple technique so from there we'll go ahead and continue that process all the way down the shaft of this section and just keep them spaced out about same to that we've got right here so just continuing through that process not super complex here but it's a really cute technique once you finish it'll look like this and then you're gonna do the same thing on the opposite side you'll know you did it just right if your child sounds like this I'm writing you guys so you guys can see the same thing over here and by the way here you go hi if you're hungry here's a free plate of invisible food it's been slaved over all day now from there we're gonna go ahead and create a very small triangular section here and I know it's a little difficult to watch me part it but I'll show you guys exactly what I did here in just a moment we're gonna go ahead and part this section of hair out and from there we're gonna create like an L so come down the hairline some this just allows that braid to flow out of the face some instead just flowing directly into her eyes cuz most little people don't like hair on her face especially not this one once we've done that we're gonna pin all the other hair out of the way and then we're gonna cornrow down and across now if you're not the best with braiding you don't have to include these two braids you could just do the whole section in the next step but if you are able to braid then this is a really cute touch that you're able to put on there it's a nice little finishing touch Music all right so once you've rated that piece do you want to go ahead and I'm gonna attach a shell you can use a bead whatever you like but a lot of times people are concerned sit up please a lot of times people are concerned about these cutting in the hair so I'm going to show you guys a quick blow trick to help out with that so basically you're going to take a hair pin like this and feed it onto a rubber band and what I want you to do is just take that hair pin pinch it off or I promise you got a better hair pin this one has the paint chipping off of it but nonetheless sit up please we're gonna go ahead and take it feed it through that small hole right there and just pull that baby right on through darn it let's try that one more time helps if I'm actually showing you the correct way so we're gonna go ahead and pull that right on through like I was saying hold onto rubberband this time alright so now I've got the rubberband on one side and the hair pin on the other and what I want to do is just basically stretch that revant over the hair pin like that and then just pull on up and around and that way I can slide the hair pin out and then all I have to do is attach the shell with the rubber band can you hold this please thank you from there I'm just gonna go ahead and take this and we're going to gradually wrap that right on around the hair with the shell on it and there you have it that's how you can attach the shells without worrying about them cutting here now we're gonna do the same thing that we did here on the other side alright so once we've finished with those.

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