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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Who Form 5495 Authorizes

Instructions and Help about Who Form 5495 Authorizes

Due to HIPAA laws Medicare cannot disclose your personal health information to anyone other than you unless you have an authorized representative which means you might want to consider putting one in place to speak to Medicare on your behalf just in case you aren't unable to do it yourself or if you want some extra assistance sorting through claim issues so in today's video I'm going to show you the two easy way to put an authorised representative in place to speak to Medicare for you hi Joanne Quinn insurance professional and co-founder of a Medigap calm and if you're already subscribed to my channel thank you and if this is your first time here then welcome and feel free to subscribe for future videos well I'm a little embarrassed to admit as an insurance professional that I am just now going over this issue of setting up an authorized representative with my mom has been on Medicare for several years but I think it's a pretty common oversight for most people something we typically don't think about until we're ready to act upon it so I'm going to give you today a few reasons why you would want to put a Medicare authorized representative in place and then show you exactly how to do it the first reason is claims let's face it no one likes to deal with claim denials or any type of claim issue so it can be nice to have another person who can speak to Medicare as an authorized representative to help you sort through any claim concerns you might have in fact I was just speaking to my mother-in-law she was asking me what the topic of this video is going to be and when I shared that with her she quickly told me how frustrating it is on her end trying to speak with Medicare about my father-in-law's claims or you know personal health information and she noted that she has to have my father-in-law get on the phone with Medicare give his verbal permission in order for her to speak to them about his coverage so it just makes sense for her to be an authorized representative so that shaking it on the phone with Medicare and any point in the future without him having to be right there too of his permission and the second reason you might want to set up an authorized representative is just in case you can't speak to Medicare if you are in the hospital or incapacitated in some way and you aren't able to give your verbal permission to allow someone to speak to Medicare for you then it makes it very stressful for your caregiver when trying to reach out to Medicare on your behalf so it's best just to go ahead and put someone in place so that you can have an advocate who is ready to contact Medicare for you in a timely manner so let's go ahead and take a look at the two easy ways to put an authorized representative in place the first way to set up an authorized representative to talk to Medicare on your behalf is in writing and it must be done through CMS's specific form that can be found at medicare.gov I will put the link in this post so you have direct access to this form it's very easy to complete they give you step by step instructions on how to do so and when we get to the application you will see it's not very long but you do have a couple decisions to make on this form and in question two your decisions are about how much information you want your authorized representative to be able to talk to Medicare about you know how much do you want to disclose to them and question three is about the length of authorization do you want them to have an indefinite amount of time in order to call Medicare on your behalf or do you want to specify a specific time period question 4 allows you to name more than one person to be an authorized representative one thing to keep in mind is that this is not set in stone which means you can revoke it at any time and of course make any changes and put a new authorized representative in place in the second way to authorize a representative is by submitting your request online and is very easy to do let's take a look so there's actually two ways to access this online form the first way is through your mind Medicare gov account and if you don't have one I highly suggest you go ahead put one in place not only can you access the form that we are looking for but you will be able to look at claim information deductible information and so much more and once you have logged into your by Medicare gov account you simply click on the tab that says my account and then select authorized representative and here you will see a link that will take you to the online form to complete to set up your authorized representative now if you don't want to set up in my Medicare gov account you can access this form directly through Medicare gov this is the home page just go to the last tab called form help and resources drop down that menu and select Medicare form from there you'll go to this page where the very first paragraph is what we're looking for to click that little down arrow and you will see the link that says fill out authorization to disclose personal health information which will take you directly to the online form here we're just going to tell Medicare that we are adding an authorized representative and then in step two we're going to give all that other information that we discussed in the paper form such as.

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