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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Who Form 5495 Assessment

Instructions and Help about Who Form 5495 Assessment

All right now you doing today I thought you're fine yeah I'm glad you could come in today for this intake want to explain a little about the process I understand you've already completed the informed consent yes yeah I've done this before so you done this before yeah so I understand my obligations to report certain things okay okay so you answered some other questions in that packet you filled out with the informed consent factual type questions the information might be on your driver's license or insurance cards things like that okay I'm going to be asking you more emotionally oriented questions as part of this part intake okay all right some of the topics we'll be covering are sensitive for many people and you may not want to talk about it that's okay all right so if I stumble upon one of those topics you know I discuss it just let me know and we don't have to talk about it okay if it's an area that you don't want to talk about right now but you want to talk about later we can talk about later okay does that make sense yeah okay so how are you referred here at our agency well I have this friend that I've known her forever and she told me that she was really concerned about the way I was living my life and that you know I should be coming here so as a favor to her I'm here alright sir here is a favor to your friend okay do you feel committed to counseling I mean I guess there's some things I can work on but I mean they have problems that I really just I don't have when you say they uh some of my other friends the friend referred me all right so there's some alamos if they're observing and reporting to you but you're not quite seeing ya and you think they might not be there at all yeah okay fair enough so I want to talk about we refer to as a presenting problem and I know you indicated you here because a friend referred you but in terms of the any symptoms or any problems issues that might be going your life I hit any of those you can identify you talked about well I mean I will admit I do get angry a lot anger okay yeah and sometimes when I get mad I break a few things I'll punch a wall I won't hit anybody so I mean that's not a problem you know but I'll take it out on something that doesn't feel pain I thought that was a good thing so inanimate objects are the target of some some physical and angry behavior yeah but not people yeah so do you view anger as a problem you want to work on I guess I could work on being less angry I don't think I have a problem but I can be less angry okay so so one of the symptoms would be anger you don't necessarily necessarily feel like it's a large problem but you could be less angry yeah you'd be okay I mean I think everybody can work on being a little more peaceful okay that makes sense anything else um no this is something I have tried to stop before but I'm having a problem I do smoke marijuana a lot I'm I'm gonna lie to you a lot um and recently I've been getting into like snorting some drugs can't tell me what drugs like xanax and I've tried to stop before and it didn't work but me I like it so it's kind of like that I do I really want to give it up I'm sure you seem a little more torn on that yeah so you say a lot of marijuana and that can mean something different depending on the person what's it mean to you uh several times during the day even when I'm at work I'll go to my car on break does anybody notice that I mean the place I work at is a very professional I guess I mean there are managers that I hide it from but everybody there pretty much knows all right then they're okay with it and you mentioned specifically xanax yes I bet sudah speak any other drugs uh-huh you know maybe it's just mainly the marijuana then I started the xanax that seems like it's more recent yeah I mean within the past four months a friend introduced it to me and started to like it how often do you use that that one's less often I'd have to say about maybe twice every weekend okay and the marijuana sounds more like an everyday thing yeah any other drugs pretty much it yeah all right have it in your past in my past I have experimented with cocaine but I kind of got trouble with the dy for that so how to stop that alright anything else any other problems you identify to work on um I think sometimes let my pride get in my way pride tell me a little bit that I don't like being told I'm doing something wrong cuz most of the time I'm not while I'm doing it in a way like just because I thought to be your way doesn't mean I'm doing it wrong I know what I can do and I know what I'm capable of so is somebody telling you that you're acting in a way that's proud yeah I've had several people I've lost a few friends because uh over you know little things that I won't budge on um for example things like even like what the best TV show is I know what the best TV show isn't anybody who says any different is wrong that loss Prince but you know what maybe they're not real friends so you're.

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