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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Who Form 5495 Appointed

Instructions and Help about Who Form 5495 Appointed

Welcome to deconstructing chatbots I am Priyanka Rock area and in this episode we are going to build our first chat bot Music like a promise we are going to jump right into the dialogue flow interface navigate to consult or dialogue flow calm and fine in if you're a first-time user then just use your email to sign up accept all the terms and conditions and you'll be in the console now create new agent let's call this appointment scheduler dialogue flow creates a GCP project for you to access logs and cloud functions you can select an existing project as well then just create you get to default intents as a part of your agent the default welcome intent helps greet your users and the default fallback intent helps catch all the questions that your bot does not understand at this point you have a functional bot all it does is greet the users well let's test it if we say hi our bar responds back with a hi and how I can help message once you ask for help such as set an appointment it does not know what to do so it kicks in the fallback intent obviously because we've not created any intern to catch that particular request so it's not bad now let's create a new intent and call it scheduled appointment we will skip context and events for now let's get down to the training phrases and add some phrases here as you're putting these in you will see date and time are automatically identified a system entity date and time now to make this functional we need to respond back to the user so let's add a response you could just say you're all set see you then or you could make it a little bit more interesting and say you're all set for this date and this time see you then the dollar sign here helps you access the entity values that's just it set an appointment for 4 p.m. on Thursday and as expected you get the right response with the right date and time now what if somebody just said set an appointment well that is not very specific and we have not yet handled that scenario in our body to support this we use something called slot filling we make the entities as required and dialogue flow we'll make sure to ask for both date and time before it responds back let's add what time would you like to come in for the time prompt and what date for the date prompt you can add other variants too and then just save ok let's test one more time to see if things are working let's say set an appointment our bot responds with what time would you like to come in and I say 10 a.m. and then it asks for the date and I say February 12th all right got all that it's all working okay so all the testing we did so far has been in the simulator but what if you wanted to share this win with a friend let's go into integration and enable the verb demo and just like that you have a link to your bot that you can share or iframe into your website or a mobile application you can test to see if it's working all right so today we set up a simple appointment scheduler that takes date and time as input variables and responds back to the user with an appointment confirmation we also learned about stop filling if a user only provided us with the date or time or nothing how you can prompt the user to provide the missing information seamlessly and finally we learn how to test our bot in the simulator and integrated it into a website don't miss the next episode of deconstructing chat BOTS because we are going to make our appointment scheduler a little bit smarter Music.

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