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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Which Form 5495 Trusts

Instructions and Help about Which Form 5495 Trusts

Now let's go back in time. It's 1974. There is a gallery somewhere in the world and there is a young girl aged 23 standing in the middle of the space. In front of her is a table. On the table, there are 76 objects for pleasure and for pain. Some of the objects are a glass of water, a coat, a shoe, a rose, but also a knife, a blade, a hammer, and a pistol with one bullet. There are instructions that say, "I'm an object. You can use everything on the table on me. I'm taking all responsibility, even killing me. The time is six hours." The beginning of this ance was easy. People gave me a glass of water to drink, they gave me a rose. But after, very soon, a man took a scissors and cut my clothes. They took thorns from the rose and stuck it in my stomach. Somebody took a blade and cut my neck and drank the blood. And I still have the scars. The women told the men what to do, and the men didn't rape me because it was just a normal opening and it was the art public. With their wives, they carried me around and put me on the table. They put a knife between my legs, and somebody took the pistol and put the bullet against my temple. Then another person took the pistol and they started to fight. After six hours, it was finished. I walked towards the public. I was a mess. I was half-naked. I was full of blood. Tears were running down my face. And everybody escaped. They just ran away. They could not confront myself with myself as a normal human being. And then what happened is I went to the hotel. It...