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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Which Form 5495 Topic

Instructions and Help about Which Form 5495 Topic

Hello my name is Andrew and today we're going to talk about some of the speaking topics that you might come across in the b1 isaw of entry level 3 exam most people take the v1 e sole entry level 3 exam for citizenship or for naturalization and supply for other types of visas so just to explain b1 level b1 level in the common European framework reference for languages states that users of the language can understand the main points on familiar matters with regards to things like work school hobbies family and the weather b1 users can deal with most situations in day-to-day life and they can produce simple connected texts on topics that are familiar to them and they can describe experiences and events dreams hopes and ambitions and give reasons and explanations for their opinion so some of the topics that you're likely to come across in a b-1 speaking exam our family and friends your home work and school likes and dislikes hobbies and perhaps the weather so if we go through family and friends I'll mention some of the questions you're likely to be asked and then how to give a good answer these answers that I'm giving to the questions which are about to hear are specific to me and really you should just use them as a guide to answer your questions so you shouldn't just give one-word answers and really you should try to expand on the question through the answer giving as much detail as you can so for example if the question is are you married your answer might be yes I am married my wife's name is Emily she is 25 years old she works at a hotel and I've been married for around one year now so you go beyond just saying yes or no another common question would be tell me about your family so a good answer for this would be and I have my wife I don't have any children I have two brothers and one sister and my father and my mother my father's name is Dominic and my mother's name is Joanne my sister's name is Maria and my brother's names are Alex and John so you're also likely to be asked in the v1 exam about your hobbies or your likes and dislikes and some of the questions might be how often do you read so I would say what I read every day I read normally in the evening once I get home from work and during the day I read maybe a little bit of news on the internet or check out the football results from the night before in the evening I normally read magazines or the occasional novel or book and then sometimes in the evening I might read a few more specific books for work what kind of films do you like so again for me I think I would probably answer I like all kinds of films but my favorites are probably comedies I think everybody likes comedy films and I also quite like to watch action films and thrillers and sometimes if I'm in the right mood I'll watch a horror film maybe a zombie film something like that but I prefer comedies and my favorite comedy actor would probably be Jim Carrey so another question with regards to hobbies might be have you ever been to a music festival and so my answer for that would be yes I have been to a music festival I have actually worked at a few music festivals in the past and I've also attended some just to go and listen to the music so I worked at blast debris and Reading Festival and I attended a festival in Croatia called Outlook Festival and it was great fun I had a really good time the weather was great and I loved the music and to be there in Croatia with all my friends so if we go on to questions about the weather a typical arm a typical question would be how is the weather today so again today the weather is quite sunny it's is warm actually but not so bright there's not much wind the the sky is blue and it's quite a nice summer's day another typical question would be to tell me if the examiner asks you tell me about the weather in your country so as I'm from the UK I would say the weather in the UK my country is quite erratic and so one day it can rain and one day it can be sunny or even on the same day so you never really know what to expect the weather can change very quickly in the UK we have four seasons spring summer autumn and winter and although they kind of merge a bit sometimes and in the UK everybody likes to talk about the weather another typical question might be what's your favourite season so for me personally I'd say that the summer is definitely my favourite season because I like the hot weather I like to be able to stay outside till late at night and you know hang out with my friends and go for dinner and it's still warm and in June and July it's still light outside so a typical question that you quite often get asked in b1 exams would be to tell the examiner about your job or your studies so my answer for that would be well I work in a in an NGO a non-governmental organization so it's a not-for-profit company which really plans and prepares communities for disasters and maybe the examiner would ask you what is your perfect job I would say MIT personally I think my perfect job would be a baker because I could sleep all day go to bed early wake up very very early in the morning cook bread or all morning and.

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