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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Which Form 5495 Substantial

Instructions and Help about Which Form 5495 Substantial

Music Aristotle describes change as something coming to be of some quantity or quality the universal process of change this requires only two things a subject and a pair of Contras between which it changes similar to the distinction between things are accidental in the subject or essential of a subject there's also distinction between accidental change and substantial change sorry maybe play Aristotle but your philosophical lingo doesn't really demonstrate the difference between the changes so let's look at some things were more familiar with here's 2022 Kevin Durant small forward for Oklahoma City if you were 2022 we would give him this description but is it essentially predicated of him if he decides to go south Golden State Warriors in 2022 because he thinks he's too good for OKC has he undergone a substantial change yes because now he's a snake Kenan just kidding he's still the same Kevin Durant with a few million more haters Music here's another example Kevin Durant could be in the middle of a game when he gets into a fight with a guy named Russell he gets benched because his hothead gets him in trouble he went from one contrary playing basketball to another getting benched in simpler terms he was moving and now he isn't he's changed but is he still himself yes so since things like teen allegiance and motion aren't essentially predicated things of Kevin Durant any changes to them are not substantial changes all right here we go here's our next example he's tall he has an undying love for Aristotle and his hobbies include fantasy basketball researching ancient philosophy he's an overall cool dude so let's give this brawler a gangster name like M g-dubs if our boy M G dubs decides to take up a new hobby like clownery and buys himself a crazy wig and a red nose he's still good old mg dubs it's not like becoming a clown killed off the man that we've come to know and come to respect and come to won an A from but if Aristotle came back to life and visited M g-dubs at home because his post warned himself one is so badly to meet his biggest fan and M G Depp's literally melted into a puddle because he was so happy that would be a substantial change Music.

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