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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Irs Form 5495

Instructions and Help about Which Form 5495 Representative

Hello I'm Carolyn Colvin acting commissioner of the Social Security Administration and I'm pleased to welcome you to this representative payee technical training if you are viewing this training you have made the right choice you have made a sincere commitment through your time and talent to serve protect and prsupport to those in our community who are the most vulnerable although SSA generally presumes that beneficiaries are capable of managing their own benefits there are instances where some may have trouble attending to their basic needs and managing their social security or Supplemental Security income benefits individuals who need representatives are sometimes our most vulnerable beneficiaries they are often our relatives friends neighbors or acquaintances as a representative payee you play a critical role in providing financial management support to Social Security and SSI beneficiaries who are incapable of managing their own money for your willingness to become a representative I want to thank you for supporting members of the public who need this critical support I also want to thank those who have collaborated to develop this interdisciplinary training to Wells Fargo and their financial education program hands on banking the National Adult Protective Services Association and Rush University I want to personally thank you for supporting this effort each of our partners have willingly shared materials and resources in support of our collective efforts to protect seniors and vulnerable adults from elder abuse and financial exploitation our work supports the priorities of the elder justice Coordinating Council and interagency body established as a result of the passage of the elder justice act together these agencies and our community partners are working to strengthen the safety net of protection for seniors and Vaughn but we could not achieve our goals without representative pages like you who are willing to support the needs of others so again thank you for making the choice to become a representative payee and enjoy this training hi and welcome to this representative for a technical training I'm Anna burski a human resources specialist at the Social Security Administration or SFA and here with me is Charmaine Gibson who is also human resources specialist at SFA has Charmaine thanks for joining me today hi Anna thank you for having me and as you can see we're at the Ripper server for each train station since you have gratefully volunteered to serve a therapy you'll be taking a nice train ride to learn everything there is to know about becoming a rep a so get on the train and enjoy the ride we'll concentrate on individual rep AES for the elderly and vulnerable adults we have additional training for organizational payees and payees for children your stops today are the programs administered by SSA who needs a rep payee duties and responsibilities of rep AES and how to use the benefits at each stop will be giving you knowledge checkpoint questions to make sure you understand the material that has been presented in addition at the end of the presentation we'll give you the website where you can find all the publications and other resources to help you make your job as a rep a much easier and it looks like the Train is approaching the first stop the programs are ministered by FSA it should us enjoy I will be right here waiting for you please stand clear of the door thank you hi I'm Felicia Lane and I'm Chaz in it I will be discussing the retirement survivors and disability insurance or our FBI program and I'll be discussing the other program Supplemental Security income or SSI which provides income for agents blind and disabled persons this one is a need-based program the are SDI program is the larger of the two major benefit programs administered by SSA most people refer to it as a social security program it provides income for qualified workers who retire or become disabled and to their dependents or survivors it is an earned benefit we pay Social Security benefits under Title two of the Social Security Act these payments are financed through payroll taxes from employees employers and the self-employed this tax is referred to as FICA as you work and pay Social Security taxes you earn credits that count toward eligibility for future Social Security benefits to be eligible to receive these benefits on your own record you must be at least 62 years old or disabled and be insured by having earned the required credits they're paid on the second third or fourth Wednesday depending on the beneficiary's date of birth there are three different types of payments under our SDI they are retirement survivors and disability benefits retirement benefits are payable at full retirement age and a reduced benefit is available as early as age 62 full retirement age is 65 for workers born before 1938 and gradually increases until it reaches 67 for workers born in 1960 or later survivors benefits are paid if the worker dies certain family members may be eligible for benefits if the worker earned enough social security credits and disability benefits are payable at any age to workers and qualified dependents who have enough social security credits and who suffer a physical or mental condition that prevents them from forming any significant kind of work for at least 12 continuous months or results in death exercise of federal income maintenance programs designed to prcash assistance for the ages blind or disabled persons with little or no income or resources SSI payments are paid under Title 16 of the Social Security Act in our finance from the federal general revenues and not from Social Security taxes to be eligible an individual must be a resident of the United States including the District of Columbia in the Northern Mariana Islands or legally admitted alien and be age 65 or older blind or disabled and have limited income and resources SSI isn't just for adults children can also.

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