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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Which Form 5495 Payer

Instructions and Help about Which Form 5495 Payer

Hi I'm Linda Donnelly from home and design magazine and we're here today with mark schwartz the president and owner of storm force hurricane protection hi mark hi Linda glad to have him down here today I understand there's a 5,000 square foot manufacturing plant inside there is and we're so happy to have the homeland design team here today although it's a beautiful day we all know storms will come let's begin the season so why don't we step inside and I'll give you a look around yeah so mark I understand there are a lot of different forms of hurricane protection on the market today can you tell me what we're looking at here yeah this is a demonstration model of something people are very familiar with in this area it's called a roll down shutter it's made of aluminum slacks that mount above the window or door and they roll up into this box up top which we had cut away so you can see how it works so they're hidden when you're not using them but they're automatically deployed down at the touch of a button what we have here is called an accordion sugar are also popular on this area and it's also made of aluminum except they closed from side to side instead of up and down there a little bit less expensive than the roll down shutter because they don't have a motor and they sit on the size of the opening and they close like so i want to show you another very popular product it's called armor screen and this is you see as a fabric yet it's incredibly strong but light and it's very easy to put up because it doesn't have the heaviness of metal and we find it...