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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Which Form 5495 Opinions

Instructions and Help about Which Form 5495 Opinions

Hey, in this video, we're going to see how your personal opinions can be shaped by the people around you. Stay tuned for more. A lot of psychology research is focused on people's opinions - what people like and dislike, what people support and oppose. It does seem like we can conform to other people's opinions. We adopt the opinions of others, especially when we're not sure where we stand on an issue. But it goes further than that. It's not just that the opinions themselves that we carry around with us are informed by other people. It's also true that the strength of our opinions can be shaped by the people around us. Let's take a second to talk about opinion strength. Now, people talk about having strong opinions all the time. So, in a normal everyday situation, that means its own thing. But in psychology, what we really mean when we talk about a strong opinion is an opinion that both guides your behavior and withstands persuasive pressure. And if that second one, that we're going to focus on. Let's say you really like Star Wars. You have a positive opinion of the movie Star Wars. And if you surround yourself with other people who also really like Star Wars, it's going to make that opinion even stronger. It's not going to shape your opinion necessarily because you already have that pro-Star Wars opinion. But the people around you only serve to strengthen it. Alright, so if I come in and try to convince you that Star Wars is not a very good movie, you would laugh at me and tell me why I'm wrong, right? Because it's so strongly held of an attitude for you. But if you like Star Wars just as much, but for whatever reason...