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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Which Form 5495 Opinions

Instructions and Help about Which Form 5495 Opinions

Hey in this video we're going to see how your personal opinions can be shaped by the people around you stay tuned for more a lot of psychology research is focused on people's opinions what people like and what people dislike what people support and what people oppose and it does seem like we can conform to other people's opinions we adopt the opinions of others especially when we're not sure where we stand on an issue but it goes further than that it's not just that the opinions themselves that we carry around with us are informed by other people but it's also true that the strength of our opinions can be shaped by the people around us let's take a second to talk about opinion strength now people talk about having strong opinions all the time so in a normal everyday situation that means its own thing but in psychology what we really mean when we talk about a strong opinion is an opinion that both guides your behavior and withstands persuasive pressure and if that second one that we're going to focus on let's say you really like Star Wars you have a positive opinion of the movie Star Wars and if you surround yourself with other people who also really like Star Wars it's going to make that opinion even stronger it's not going to shape your opinion necessarily because you already have that Pro Star Wars opinion but the people around you only serve to strengthen it alright so if I come in and try to convince you that Star Wars is not a very good movie you would laugh at me and tell me why I'm wrong right because it's so strongly held of an attitude for you but if you like Star Wars just as much but for whatever reason your friend group is really mixed in their sci-fi opinions well even though you like the movie you might be more susceptible to persuasion you might be more susceptible to someone suggesting that it's not so great this is what we call social network homogeneity or social network heterogeneity the idea of being the opinions within those who are close to you for your friends your family what are their opinions like and are they all the same and the same as yours or are they a whole diverse soup of opinions floating in a sea of possible evaluations one study looked at the power of social network homogeneity by asking people to come up with a list of seven other people who they're close to and with whom they discuss important issues it could be friends family coworkers would have you then they asked everyone what their opinion of capital punishment was and in addition they asked what the opinion of capital punishment was among the seven people that they had just listed so they could get a sense whether the people who you're close to all agree on this issue or whether the people you're close to have a variety of opinions on the issue then they gave everyone a persuasive essay arguing against capital punishment and REE measured their attitudes or opinions afterward to see did people change their mind when they read a persuasive essay or did they hold steady to the opinion that they had coming in to the experiments the results showed that social connections matter the more a person had a social circle who all agreed with them on capital punishment the more that person was likely to hang on to their opinion even in the face of persuasive influence in other words they weren't persuaded by the arguments as much on the flipside the more a person had a diverse social circle with respect to their opinions on this issue the more that person was likely to budge when presented with this persuasive message they were more able to see the merits in the other side of the issue and were more likely to change and modify their opinion as a result in addition they also showed some evidence that the more people had a social circle that all agreed with them on this issue the more confident they were in their own opinion so if you are pro capital punishment and all of your friends hold the same opinion you'll be more confident of your pro-capital punishment opinion than if you were living in a social circle that had a do first range of opinions on this issue this is all related to the idea of being in a bubble when all of the people you know have the same opinion as you it can be easy to feel as though that's the only opinion that you could possibly have but I might encourage you to seek out other social connections with people who don't agree with you who might challenge some of your assumptions and you may just find that some strongly held steadfast opinion that you once had becomes one that you doubt maybe just a little bit more than before see you next time for more social psychology subscribe to this YouTube channel or go to be a people expert calm and find new articles every week about Psychological Science.

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