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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Which Form 5495 Filing

Instructions and Help about Which Form 5495 Filing

Hey guys I'm going to be unboxing this Visionnaire intelligent impinging solution scanner um it's a OneTouch flock 2600 USB charcoal scanner and 42 bit color 600 600 x 1200 dpi and the USB interface actually what happened was I had I had one of these before but it broke down and those in the warranty so I gave it back to them and they um sent me this new one but um I mean they send me a refurbished one it stub actually I sent that one in for repair but I don't even know what happened they just sent a refurbished one to me and it's brand new but um yeah ah but I didn't use it for about I think a year or two now I think a year because um I couldn't work without the scanner so I just went to Best Buy and bought a dull scanner in my own and so I didn't actually need this I bought like my printer broke down printer broke down too so I just threw out the printer and I went to Best Buy and I bought the scanner printer fax everything combined it was like all-in-one so that was pretty it was pretty good and I didn't really need this so I just like stored this downstairs it's been sitting there for like a year first when I got this when I got this back the first time I opened it up to see if the skin over there I didn't even remove the scanner I didn't try or anything I'm gonna use it now because I need to scan this textbook and um why not a little oh yeah and it has like this really long page on it so um I can't use the dumb one because the scan is too small I need a bigger I need this one it's like it's bigger that's why so um yeah all I did was I cut the tape I opened it soft the scan was there I didn't remove it take it out or anything umm what else surprised was actually I'll show you when after I open it all right so this is the side it's actually a pretty big box on alright it's it's a huge box actually um I didn't have to pay for the shipping handling or anything but for a box this big I bet it would be a lot of money you'd only bring us closer this is all just crap they're just telling you what you could do with the CD to give you I wouldn't even use it I'll just um I'll call you like After Effects or whatever I mean but not After Effects Photoshop yes I do have Photoshop and After Effects all this is same around the cases it comes with a powerful software it's thin and small the 42 bit color and it's um Ross oh and it's powerful in every and it's um a brand you could trust alright so I'm going to open this up as I said I will be whipped up the tape before all right so what I was going to say before was I was actually very surprised when I got this reversal when I got this refurbished one they had no plastic whatsoever inside of it so I was actually one disappointment and the Box styrofoam is making a huge mess all right so the box is just a scanner at some manuals in it actually didn't even ask for the CD they sent them to me CD yeah I didn't really ask for anything I think I don't even know why they sent it to me I think they just liked up on after to go furbished carted off the shelf in the center and yes they did sell you refurbished items and these are just the tips for the software this is all crap that tells you the installation and how to use it I don't need any of that so let's just take that out outside that shouldn't give you a lot of paper on how to use it the styrofoam and what packed in tightly and it was a little difficult to get out and on this side I can't believe they didn't put any plastic in it whatsoever it's actually really big disappointment and then take a wire through the styrofoam so you'd actually have to pull the wire here's a styrofoam and this is the scanner itself I use this for a while before it works great believe me guys it's just a huge it's huge though it takes up way too much space underneath it could be a lot thinner it could be smaller I mean you know you know what I mean here's the back um Wow look at this no rubber feet here but they're right here there's no rubber feet here but there are rubber feet here um I'm not even I'm not sure if that was in the last one I don't know if they're missing or what oh it doesn't look like them it would be like oh just sticky residue there so this is where the is where the power um the power goes in and this is actually pretty much all to the boss scanner right here um I think the only work with certain printers but you could print straight from the scanner it's not wireless stuff on this messaging you can email it a printer or scan I and when you open it up let me zoom in a bit this is basically all to the scanner guys this scanner works great I had it for a long time until it broke down what happened was the I don't know I think the light just shut off inside it would go it would go back and forth but there would be no light or anything so um when you get.

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