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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Which Form 5495 Extent

Instructions and Help about Which Form 5495 Extent

Hi and welcome to this metaphoric s-- math know-how webinar today we are going to be looking at dimensions and analysis views we will have a look at how we set dimensions up and how we attach these things called dimension values to those dimensions and how we television through the general ledger setup that we have done engines in use we will then look at how we can set the control on our GL accounts to make sure that the dimensions are always posted through with the records that are posted and we will also look at how where we can attach dimension values to our static records such as customers vendors and items we will then from a chart of accounts point of view look at something called balanced by dimensions and here we will be able to see from bodies called our global dimensions a different view of our chart of accounts for dimensions that are not these global dimensions then we will then have a look at the analysis by dimensions where we will create an analysis view and run that view and then finally we will export it to excel and automatically create our pivot table so from our database we will go and set up a new dimension so I'm going to use the search box and come to our dimensions and you can see in this dimension list that our Chronos database which we are working on has already got several dimensions set up but I'm going to create a new one and I'm going to call it simply product and you'll notice that the name and caption fields are automatically populated this is just for use throughout the vision where you can specify a different I label if you wish I will keep mine as product throughout once we've generated the code itself we then need to add what are called values which is what we will actually be posting against so clicking on the dimension values as usual our Chronos database is all about bicycles so I'm just simply going to create a dimension called wheels and give it a title of wheels and of course you would just create multiple values that are required to be analyzed against and you're simply going to create that one at the moment and say okay so once we have created our dimensions we need to tell the vision that we are using them and we do that through the general ledger setup we have on the general ledger setup our dimensions false tab and in our Chronos database we have our two global dimensions being department and project to explain Global's global dimensions are two dimensions of your choice that division will matically post throughout the vision on your postings without you having to tell it to innocence whereas our shortcut dimensions these are the codes that we can only access through this thing called analysis by dimensions you'll notice that the first two shortcut dimensions are indeed the same as the global dimensions and that is correct but dimensions three to eight we can choose which ones we want to use so in our example I'm just going to simply drill down in shortcut dimension seven and add my product dimension so I can now pick that up from our analysis view but before we do that we would want to make sure from a chart of accounts perspective that those dimension codes are being posted against the various GL codes so we'll go to our chart of accounts and I'm just going to go down to our sales account because that is quite often the place where the main damage and control is carried out but against balance sheet accounts and expense accounts are all totally valid as well in order to attach the control we can simply just click on the particular GL account and then up right in the middle of our ribbon here we can see we have our dimension button and we've got two options here at the moment I'm just going to use the single but I will be showing you the multiple option in a moment so dimensions single and so in here it's up to me now to determine which dimension codes I want to use so I'm going to pick up my product code here because we're retail sales and I need which product is being sold I'm going to leave that I mentioned value code drank from moments and just explain why because against the value posting column I have some options blank is just there's no control at all I have code mandatory same code or no code the two that we use the most are the code mandatory in same code and just to explain if I select the code mandatory here the rules now that I will be applying to this GL account is that anything any transaction that is posted and hits this particular account it must have a product dimension the fact that it's blank says I don't mind what that dimension is that the code mandatory is saying I must have that product dimension code on that posting so if a user was to post without the product code then they would receive an error dialog box telling them that the code mandatory is set against the product I mentioned and therefore you must enter a product dimension code other options that you might need to implore are for example if this sales account was specifically against an area for example on the EU one you could say you need just the EU example but I'm just going to pick here but perhaps is so new certain business groups so perhaps if this was retail sales but for large customers or customers deemed as large on the dimension code so here I would pick up but they're all in fact Business Group sorry is industrial.

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